Electric 2021 Cruzbike Q45

Aug 28, 2021
I have documented this in the Cruzbike forum with technical detail. Early in the thread, another rider gives some details of his conversion, but he also actually took a grinder to his motor over concerns the spinning brake rotor would damage the motor cable. If you read further, I detail the part my local fabricator came up with to prevent this. The approach I used involves no changes to the original Cruzbike.

This is pending sale as I write this, but the solution works very well. With the motor on the rear wheel, it has all-wheel-drive and goes up hills wonderfully, and the regen braking can stop the bike without invoking the brake pads at all (you can still use them for emergency stops).

Electric 2021 Q45

You may need to register to view the pictures - I don't know the state of things when you are reading this. But then, if you have a Cruzbike, that's not a bad idea - there is much useful other information there.