G370/Baserunner issues after cable replacement

Alex W

10 W
Feb 8, 2015
Seattle, WA
The motor cable on my Bafang G370 (this is like a small G311) had a faulty connection, so I took it apart and replaced it yesterday. Now my Baserunner is complaining with these errors after power-up:
Faults[1]: Filtered phase over current
Faults[2]: Bad current sensor calibration
Faults[9]: Instantaneous phase over current

The weird thing is that if I clear faults and use a throttle the motor will spin just fine, but if I power cycle the Baserunner then the same faults will come up. The faults appear before the there is any throttle command to start the motor.

My assumption is that I have a wiring fault -- what should I be looking for?