GiantEV's Vector


100 W
Sep 21, 2008
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Here is my new build...

- Vector frame
- MXUS3000 3T motor in 20"/16" wheel
- Adaptto Max-E Controller + BMS + PAS + ON/OFF + 30A coil
- (20) Turnigy 4s Hardcase Batteries in 20S4P configuration (20Ah)

I got it running today and took it for a ride, but still have some work left to finish the build.


looks like a wheelie monster :)
No worries about efficiency on this baby. :)
Did you use square wave for auto detect? I was jonesing for a black vector now i like the white after seeing your build.
GiantEV said:
Thanks guys! I need to tune my Max-E a little, but it still pulls hard with just the autodetect.

sometimes it does not work properly. if the motor is not silent when it starts to rotate (slowly first) than you better release the throttle and start again.
maybe it helps to swap two phase wires or gently brake a little at the beginning (to have some load on the motor).
it's still beta firmware with a few bugs
No, I used sine wave for autodetect. I also ran autodetect twice, which can help sometimes, but all that did was get me close. I changed the settings to what I was running on my Mini-E and the Max-E is running much better. I still think there is some room for improvement in the tuning though.