Hub Motor Rewind


100 µW
Nov 29, 2016

Lately I fried the motor of my city coco scooter so I have to rewind it. The diameter of the Stator is around ~150mm and the with is exactly 48mm. What do you think is the max power what can be generated with this given dimensions at a realistic cooper fill?
8 leads per strand & 8 turns per tooth was the original configuration. I think the rated power was around ~1000W.

Which parameters i should be watching narrowly when winding?

And in general is it already to late for a rewind regarding the damage caused by the heat or is there still hope?

Thanks a lot in advance.

kind regards


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You know it is:

8 turns
8 strands

...and that is a good start.

But before you order new wire you need to know what AWG you have.

That is not that easy unless you know from some other informative source what it is.

I'd guess it's somewhere around 20 AWG but it could be anything around that and it makes a big difference when winding.

The good news is these "Big Iron" hub motors are so huge they should be easy to rewind.

Try rewinding the smaller RC brushless motors and you will discover true difficulty.
When you start talking 40awg and such… Yikes. 20awg is a reasonable wire to wind. 18awg is a pain. I’ve got it done with my 750w Bafang but it was time consuming as hell. Slow and steady wins. Good luck! Make sure to plan your turns and get the right insulating wire wrap. Silicone fiberglass. For the end connects. I know you have all this planned out anyways.. Have fun!
Almost forgot! Getting a good pusher made is also something to consider. I made one out of hardwood and one out of nylon car panel tools. They won’t gouge the enameled wire and help to bend them to your will.