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KT controller, noisy motor, throttle turning off periodically. Compability issue or?

Oh yeah. Mismatched hall and phase wires cause noisy motors with no power, but usually you can't even ride them, You might still have a false positive if you cannot go uphill,

I saw you had the similar problem as me back in 2017. " Motor growls [strike]at low speeds[/strike] under load, but spins quiet with no load. Cannot pull more than 100W when bike hits top speed of 16 mph on 36V. "
I'd say it gets to 16mph top speed, but cannot pull any more Wattage out of it so uphill it's struggling until it stops. No way to change any speed related settings with my current led display.

So I'm guessing you just ditched the KT36/48SVPRD for another controller? Or did you ever pull the same phase/HAL wire change like I did now and get it working somehow?
His Dongwan controller was 17amps and his new KT controller is 10amps and it’s probably stuck in PAS 1 so the motor won’t perform too well until he can get the display configured properly.

The advantage of using a good display is that he can see how much power is being drawn off load. If it’s more than 100 watts with the wheel in the air then he can tell straight away if he has his phase/hall combinations mismatched.
Just found out there was a thread with 100% same problem as me 1 year ago. You seemed to have helped him aswell.

Seems in the end, that guy played around with P and C paramter settings with a LCD display. But the bottom line is this motor, same as him just isn't compatible. I guess the best I can do is probably like you say order a LCD Display and finetune P and C to get it working as good as it can be giving the circumstances. But is seems to struggle uphill with Torque according to the other user.

Problem is, he said nothing about speed levels if that got working with the upgrades display. Not really sure what the best course of action is.

Since phase / HAL mismatch truly is the problem, could a sensorless controller be the key? Or will the phase mismatch continue?
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