Moped style e-bikes for older guy anyone who’s ridden both please chime in


10 mW
Nov 27, 2015
Hey guys looking for a new ebike for my dad. He doesn’t go more than 18mph. Mainly looking for comfort and reliability. He will not peddle. He’s 74 and has bad knees so throttle only. Need the peddles for legal compliance.

You guys have any input on the something like ride1up revv1 vs something more traditionally moped with peddles.

Fly Ebike Moped 2.75” x 10” wheels. I think NIU makes something similar too

Revv1. 20x4 wheels
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The fly and Rev1 is an overkill for most. For my pops, I upgraded one of these (48v 1200w 20ah, 22-25mph). He claims he only charges once a month because he cruises at 10 to 12 mph.

I would look for one with disc brakes, front suspension, and a hub motor. He can use these inside of stores because, I believe, these are categorized as mobility scooters.

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I like the idea of both for sure. Believe me it’s not overkill for him. He puts thousands of miles a year on his bike.