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Motor Fault Detection on KT36 & MXUS !


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Oct 26, 2014
Hey family,

Been a while ! I need some of you support. I bought a cheap S73 and replaced the original hub motor with the MXUS 1000W hub motor. It was provided with the KT36/48ZWSRL ESC (30A Max rating & Continuous 15A). It works fine on the bench but the ESC is too big for my enclosure and I would like to use a KT36/48SVPRM (25A Max rated & Continuous 12A) controller but the color coding for the sensor does not match between both controllers.

I've started to try some combos but according to GPT there are 120 distinct combinaisons and I also read that here that it was closer to 36. So I'm lost.

Any one have already done such thing (I'm surprised that the same KT controller range is having different color codes! seriously !! why !

Anyone has a correspondance table so I can make your MXUS motor work with the KT36/48SVPRM controller?

I'm also happy to spend some money for a hall sensor autodetection controller (if only KT would have got this feature) but Phaserunner is no more sold and I need a pretty small controller such as the KT36/48SVPRM to fit in my original "box/seat"

Thanks allIMG_3384.jpeg

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You could try using this sheet to help you. There are only 36 combinations to try.

thanks mate. I went for the 36 possibilities. Twice.

I'm taking a strong assumption that the RED & BLACK wires match on both side and changing only the other BGY wires according to the table. I don't know if there is a way to make sure that the RED & BLACK actually match.

But it's a failure. All give me Motor Hall sensor fault except two of them were the motor is hardly cogging and then giving me hall sensor fault error.

All my soldering are good enough and I made sure no exposed soldering was getting in contact between connectors or/and wires.

I just don't get it. Is there a way to get a proper controller that does the autodetect for me such a Phase Runner ? or do I need to mold a new box below with foam/composites and use the original controller? That would be a shame.

Red and black are fine as they are. From your results it looks like green to green, blue to blue and yellow to yellow is correct and the rough running could be a hall sensor problem.

so it’s time to check your hall sensors.

Here is a good guide: