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mystery wires daymak sunshine


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Aug 2, 2022
Hello ES, I have a Daymak Sunshine moped type ebike to repair with intention of selling. The main issues are sorted but I am stuck now.

The solar panels (there are 3 panels) mounted on the removable cargo case were cut, and need to be re-connected. However I am not familiar with solar panels, i know that there needs to be a controller between panels and battery, correct me if im wrong- this would be a totally separate unit from the main controller and 12v step down for aux lights etc.. It doesnt make sense to me because i dont see it. The supposed bundle of wires which hook up to the panels are live at all times giving me full pack voltage until breaker is switched off. It consists of 5 wires i pictured below.

Also there are turn signals, running and brake light LED strips mounted on the rear of this case as an addition to the actual tail light. There is a second connector for those lights but they are confusing me as well because they are coming from the direction of the main controller under the footrest area, and the 12v step down is all the way in the tail with its own connectors all occupied.
^this is the offending case with panels and strips of rear leds.

below is a better view of the rear strips
one more of rear leds
these are the only original scraps of wire left and you can see the bundle of 6 pairs of LED wires, red+black each pair. Brake light, running, and turn signals presumably.

close up of the bundle of 6 pairs +/-

Probing the wires with multimeter, I see all of these wires except the red have continuity between each other and are negative. The voltage I get is the full pack voltage 54.5 ish volts- regardless of key position. Until the breaker is switched off. Is it reasonable to think I will damage the solar panels If I try connecting them directly to these wires ? Where do these wires go?
here is the second set of wires which used to somehow plug into the case. I imagined they would control the brake light and/or running light, along with turn signals, probing them with multimeter I got 6 volts on one of the wires when probed with one lead simultaneously on red. Switching the signals on, along with lights did not produce 12 v like i thought it should for the leds.. 12 volt converter can be seen separately in the very tail end with all connectors occupied already. (next photo)
I would normally not mind these issues as im aware the amount of charge gained from these panels is nothing extreme, and the case doesnt lose its function without the lights, however as im trying to sell the bike I thought I would ask the fine people of ES, maybe I had fried my last braincells touching battery terminals in the rain i dont know.. searching the internet gave me nothing other than an instructional video in which the two bundles of wire are plugged into matching connectors coming from the case but the colors are different on the demo bike even though its same model.

Any input appreciated, let me know if any better pictures would help. Thanks


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