Nucular 24F - three for sale, order being processed not yet confirmed


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Dec 18, 2018
Thermo Nucular controller 24F NUC24F

Before shipping USD $600

Will sell for $200 over and above fully loaded costs, including shipping, US Customs tariff/excise if any, etc etc

6F and 12F not available, nor BMS

On-board computer NUCDISP — $ 110
Sur-Ron connectors NUCSURW — $ 50

Choose your desired wiring here:

e.g. Compound potting adds $25

Either you trust me or not, look over my post history, I've had past financial dealings with @methods and others, but no idea if they'll vouch for me.

Can't afford to finance the whole thing beyond the one I'm keeping that's for sure, but buy the waitlist is so long, this is from an order placed early 2021

If these is a bad spot, mod please move it.

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Hi John

I am really interested in one maybe of them

I may need your guidance on some of the options i will need

If its easier we can talk by phone