Probably highly illegal

looks like fun, i have a railroad track in my back yard !!.. would be ideal with an ebike, flat, smooth, straight line to X destination.. most def not legal.. and i'd certainly not wear earphones and listen to mp3's while on the tracks.. however there are abandonned tracks all over the place out there..
How weird. I've had this same thought for a while, only in my head it's a flat, thick piece of plywood as wide as the tracks, say a board two feet wide and as long as the track width. Uses skateboard wheels (4) that rest on the track and four more against the side of each rail to keep the cart from slipping off the rails. The cart has several handles and must be light enough to pick up. It's driven by a battery (in a backpack, not mounted to the cart. The cart must be light).

A powerful fan drives it (like a fan boat, but much smaller fan) or a 9c wheel with a small rubber tire on one side of the cart, resting on the rail.

There are tracks that skirt my neighborhood and end a couple blocks from work.

One problem: CSX keeps the tracks busy. Freight trains. I don't want to feed the buzzards.
Google translated from French. I guess TGV is supposed to mean 'Tubes a Grande Vitesse,' or 'Tubes of Great Velocity.'

Do you know the bike train or TGV (High Speed ​​Tubes)?


The bike is now a transport vehicle human powered rail.

It takes advantage of the recumbent bike ( we talk about it here ) and friction and reduced risk of rail transport.

There are already prototypes to reach 76 km / h average with four cyclists, it's TGV (high speed tubes). One could easily reach 100 Km / h with about thirty passengers.

Some use energy buffer systems for hilly areas (such as electric storage velomobiles??)

It consumes 1 to 1.5 Wh per km, against 5 to 10 Wh / km for a conventional train and 45 Wh / km for a TGV traveling at 300 km / h.

This is a very cool idea for remote travel. Just have to be very self-sufficient. Definitely a new idea for abandoned railway OR for tourist areas that just run rides for tourist only RR & no other traffic.
"Magnetic Railbike MRB-1: Video 1

This unit uses a 4" wide by 1" thick Neodymium rare-earth disk magnet to keep the front wheel aligned with the track. It has a nominal on-face pull strength of 320lbs but is oriented pole-forward rather than pole-down.

The pole-forward configuration exhibits more centering force per unit of downward pull than the pole-down configuration.

The magnet prefers to hover over the center of the track, and strongly resists being pulled to the side. If completely unconstrained it will both roll laterally and rotate so that its poles are both centered and inline with the track.

During operation it is held about 3/4" above the track surface, trapped within a segment of 4" dia. PVC pipe."


I just had a really bad IDEA!!! The above set up on my Husquvarna SuperMoto 610, OMG!!!!!!