Rans Seavo Recumbent Tandem

Dec 5, 2022
Used the new TSM-A5 rear direct drive system from Grin Tech.

Still need to do some fine tuning to dial-in pedal assist and regen but so far it rides great! Cockpit wiring needs tidying too.Seavo Pre eBike.png20221205_131640.jpg20221205_131651.jpg20221205_131719.jpg
Hi -
I'm new to the eBike world. I just did a conversion using the TSM-A5 direct drive motor with the Baserunner controller. I have a tripwire sensor on my brake and it is well adjusted - I can see the brake indicator on the CA when I slightly squeeze the brake.

I thought regen would be enabled by default but it doesn't seem to be. Specifically, I'd like regen to kick in as soon as I touch the brake and use the throttle to increase level of braking. Are there specific settings I need to set in the baserunner or CA to make this work? How might I troubleshoot this? Right now I'm getting no regen braking (or at least none that is noticeable).

Looks like a great ride and a great install! Very envious of the Seavo's clean chain-lines.
How is the low end torque on that motor and what kind of power are you pushing?