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Sold: Geared Hub motor 27.5" wheel


100 kW
Sep 6, 2012
Saint Louis MO

For sale is this geared hub motor in a 27.5" wheel. Its new and has never had a tire mounted. It was from a liquidation of a bike shop.

I will ship. Its in St. Louis MO 63116

I don't know where to start on pricing so I'll just throw out $75+shipping.

Here is what I know:
  • 27.5 x 24mm internal width double walled rim with shrader valve and 2.55mm/12G spokes
  • Geared hub
  • Disc mount
  • 135mm dropout width
  • 280rpm free speed @38v and 1.2amps no load in my bench spin up test. It appears to work fine.
  • typical waterproof 9pin julet style connector
  • 11-12lbs total
  • looks to be a thread on freewheel not a freehub driver
Based on the part number I believe it is this motor:

I have a video of it running on the bench if anyone needs confirmation that it works.

new hub.JPGnew hub 3.JPGnew hub 2.JPG
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Hello, I have the same motor in my bike. Nice little motor. I run this with a 25A KT controller at max amps. It’s been running well for over a year like this. I use the bike to commute over a hilly area.

The site says “300-500w rated power”. The stamp says 22x48 (1000w). Note: “PS1”. My motor only has one Speed magnet. I think yours has 6.
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Hi Dan, I'd like to buy your motor. I will have to relace it to a different rim (my problem of course) but that has me wondering if you would take 60 plus shipping? I'll need a total on the shipping cost, to southern New Mexico, zip code 88030. Please let me know your thoughts and how you want to do the payment. I will be out for several hours today so I may not have time to send payment till tomorrow. thanks for considering my offer, I look forward to doing business! Steve
If you are 100% sure that you are going to re-lace it then I can take the wheel apart and save you some shipping costs.

Shipping is $30 without the spokes and wheel and $50 with the whole wheel as is.
If you don't mind the work of removing the motor from the rim that sounds like an excellent plan. Send me an IM with the payment details and I can get it sent to you tomorrow. Thanks Dan, I'm looking forward to getting the motor. Steve