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*SOLD* SEVCON Gen4 Size4 72/80V 350A SIN/COS-UVW-ACI controller PN 634A83203

Feb 12, 2021
If you have a preference as to which one you want let me know. I have the newer firmware version updates if you wish. I have versions 0705.0012, 0705.0013 and 0705.0014 which I can upgrade it before I ship it if you wish.

I prefer shipping to the USA, message me directly if you want to know about shipping to an international location. It will depend if UPS will ship to your location. You can purchase via CC on my small business website here:

If you are not familiar with these units than it is important to know that you need licensed DVT software from Sevcon to program these units and the software costs about $800. Alternatively you can rent the software from Thunderstruck.com / electricmotorsport.com OR you can hire them/others to program it.

*** note that this controller will work for a 100V system since its operating voltage goes up to 120V so it will work on a 28cell system

Nominal Voltage72 - 80 - 100 VDC
Operating Voltage39.1-120 VDC
Current (120s)350A
Boost (10s)420A


- Advance flux vector control
- Autocheck system diagnostic
- Integrated logic circuit
- Hardware & software failsafe watchdog operation
- Supports both PMAC motor and AC induction motor control
- Integrated fuse holder
- IP66 protection

Multiple Motor Feedback Options

Gen4 provides a number of motor feedback possibilities from a range of hardware inputs and software control, allowing a great deal of flexibility.

- Absolute UVW encoder input
- Absolute Sin/Cos encoder input
- Incremental AB encoder input

Integrated I/O

Gen4 includes a fully-integrated set of inputs and outputs (I/0) designed to handle a wide range of vehicle requirements. This eliminated the need for additional external I/O modules or vehicle controllers and connectors.
- 8 digital inputs
- 2 analogue inputs (can be configured as digital)
- 3 contactor/solenoid outputs
- 1 encoder supply output

Other Features

- A CANopen bus allows easy interconnection of controllers and devices such as displays and driver controls.
- The CANbus allows the user to wire the vehicle to best suit vehicle layout since inputs and outputs can be connected to any of the controllers on the vehicle and the desired status is passed over the CAN network to the relevant motor controller.
- The Gen4 controller can dynamically change the allowed battery current by exchanging CAN messages with a compatible Battery Management System.
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here are some resources if you have the DVT software and you are considering using Sevcon Gen4 units. The manual and other documents are out there, these documents are special documents that are written by other users and thus hard to find.


  • PMAC encoder commission by Sevcon DVT macros.pdf
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  • SEVCON DVT software use of tools in detail.pdf
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