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SOLD - Zero 75-7 Electric Motor - SOLD


10 W
Jan 22, 2019
Zero 75-7 SPM Electric Motor for sale.

Located in the UK, shipping to both UK and Europe relatively inexpensive with UPS.

In relatively good condition however a little bit of cutting/shaving of fins has been done as pictured. Should have nearly no affect especially since the amount taken off was minimal.

Price for the motor is £650. Free shipping to mainland UK, shipping to mainland Europe will be about an extra £20 depending on country.

Any questions please ask.

Pictures are in this google album: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOSEoBxPyLe6F3bKRLlSOzlPAAFIfwGpfCIjdIV6BRy4CeLP5wV_Ps1j8hdJI9L0w?key=bU5ENGNIbnNmYzE5RV9Zb251YjVEWlN3R3NYN3Jn