The biggest problems for us about the Chauvin trial

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John in CR

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May 19, 2008
I'm assuming that most of us here don't live within the big cities, which will suffer the most due to the Chauvin verdict, ie police will be resistant to do their jobs to protect and serve out of fear of the mob, so crime will spiral out of control as has already started. The net result is that police in general will spend more time doing things where they perceive no risk to themselves, ie hassling law abiding citizens like us ebikers instead of where they are needed most...dealing with violent crime. Ever hear of an ebiker shooting and killing a policeman, or a policeman shooting a black ebiker? I certainly haven't, so the cops probably haven't either, so who are they now going to pull over, an ebiker or someone who looks like a gangbanger?

Thank you so much BLM, the most racist prominent organization on the planet that doesn't care squat about normal law abiding black people. Anyone who supports or supported BLM last summer should apologize to the nation for their obvious mistake. There's already enough impetus to begin to reform the behavior of police to decrease police brutality, however, pushing too far which seems to be the current consensus by the Left is sure to have very negative consequences.
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