Turboant X7 Pro -- Fold Down Seat / Extended Foot Rests / Cargo Platform


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Nov 2, 2019
Minne-apple, USA
Being 77 years young an e-scooter with a seat was a must, but needed to do some mods. Supposedly if you are 55+ advised not to use a standup e-scooter. Comfortably seated with extended foot rests i'm riding a 'hog' e-scooter :wink:

85% of travel is level terrain, 15% is slight inclines. The 350w motor is sufficient for nearby runs to: Grocery store; Scenic lake w/swimming, picnic, playground; Library; Post Office; McD's. Total load is 220 lbs of 275 Lb maximum load. The 7"x12" cargo platform is perfect size for grocery bag (see 1st photo). Backpack for my Chromebook, etc.

The fold down $90 Ninebot seat is for Segway ES1/ES2/ES3. Need to saw out a 5"x7"x1/4" piece of Masonite to put between seat post bottom flange and Turboant X7 Pro platform. Foldable seat flange needed to be raised just high enough (1/4"), so the two Ninebot plastic wedges could be securely tightened against X7 tapered under side frame.

Also decided to tap the other 4 holes to take 3/8" UNF set screws. Needed to slightly enlarge those 4 holes with a 21/64 drill bit otherwise was too much of a tapping struggle not to stripe threads. Another four 1/2" long UNF allen set screws. Now the seat post flange is firmly secured to Turboant X7 Pro durable platform (see 2nd closeup photo).

Needed an e-scooter with removable battery. Use 'Eco' (1st) speed about 40% and 3rd about 20% of time. Really like the cruise function. Although it's a kickstart e-scooter it's easy to get it going when seated. Another reason I decided to purchase it was all the replacement parts available. Ordered a handlebar mirror that's easy to attach and detach.



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Find myself using 3rd speed most of the time now and able to take on more inclines. Getting more familar with leaning into the curves and find myself using 3rd speed now about 70% of the time. 20mph AOK being 77 yrs young :thumb:

Did my first grocery run yesterday. The convex mirror is worthless at end of handlebar grip. Can't see behind me unless i was as skinny as a rail. Also mirror too convex as i can hear car coming up behind me same time as seeing it in mirror.

Needed the longer extension with normal mirror to see what's behind me. It only takes 5 sec. to slip-on attach or remove.

Other photo is how i lockup when in grocery store or McD's. At McD's I can always see it. At grocery store i first remove battery before lockup and put battery in grocery cart.
With the addition of a seat all my weight (200 lbs) is now on the rear wheel. Just experienced my 2nd rear flat tire after 2 yrs. Each inner tube lasting 12-13 months. It's a tricky task installing a new inner tube in a 10" tire-wheel.

So, unless you really need to install a seat (because of age, disability or whatever) it's probably best to ride standing up so your weight is equally spread over each wheel.

Turboant X7 Pro just introduced solid rubber tires ($69/pair) for the X7 Pro. That will be my winter project instead of installing another inner tube which is no fun. So will install these ...
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Can you post more pics of the custom work. Thinking about doing the same thing to my scooter
Modifications needed to secure seat post flange to X7 Pro ... 1/4" shim was needed between flange and X7 platform to raise just enuf for set screws to clamp wedge to X7 frame. Decided to tap (metric thread) in those existing holes just above the threaded set screw holes. Needed extra metric set screws (2 on each side) to insure lockdown of seat post flange to X7 platform. The 4 existing threaded set screw holes is probably sufficient, but with my weight decided to thread the other 4 larger holes for extra holding strength of seat post flange to X7 Pro platform.

The seat flange of the Max G30 was just wide enough to fit over and secure to X7 platform. Have had no problem with seat post flange staying firmly attached to X7 Platform with those 8 set srews (4 on each side).

Legs on each side of grocery bag keep it from falling off. Wooden 7x12 is secured in to X7 platform with that threaded rear bolt.


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