Voltage/current trimpot adjust


1 kW
Mar 8, 2014
San Francisco
I have a generic Yarlan 16s lithium charger. This is set to 67.5 volts but I want it to charge a 15s battery. Inside there are three trimpots and from what I read one can adjust the voltage and current. Rather than trial and error the adjustments, maybe others have done this before. thanks
I may resort to that but not my first choice. The concern is knowing exactly what the setting does and getting that benchmark reference so after twiddling, it can be set back to the initial setting. with only one meter and not knowing what trimpot does what, you have a good chance of missing the setting.

The situation arose as a 16s battery lost a cell so it got rewired as a 15s, thus the charger would overcharge the modified pack. Will likely just add the 1s back into the pack and carry on. thanks