18FET LYEN - Problem to upload new parameters - Solved


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May 21, 2013
Montréal, CANADA

I bought a 18FET LYEN Controller but the max current was 45A instead of 65A. I use the CA V3, the 18 FET Lyen - EB318 -AS-3, the TC100 Crown motor. The throttle is connected to the CA. See below CA measures and configurations

I already asked some questions in this thread : http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=27927&start=450#p925267 but it's not the good place...

I had some difficulties to establish communication with controller, but today is OK. I would like to share my experience...

1 : I don't know the reference of my 18 FET controller. I bought it few weeks ago.The reference is 184110ST -MII - LYEN Edition.
OK, I find it. it's written on the board...

2 : I can't save a new configuration : Failed to save profile, Errno 13 Permission denied... I have the admin rights...
Ok, I resolve my problem errno13 : My Files were on Read-only :?

3 : I'm not sure of the cable configuration from the Controller to my PL2303, and how the switch is...
Ok, the good wiring is :
Controller ------------------------------ PL2303
Pin 1: Yellow = +5v Feed ------------------- White = Receive
Pin 2: Red = +5v ---------------------------- Red = +5V
Pin 3: Black = Ground ---------------------- Black = ground
Pin 4: Green = Transmit ------------------ Green = Transmit
Pin 5: White = Receive ------------------- White = Receive
Something llike that :

4 : Example of a good programme for EB318 with TC100 motor and Vbat=99V
18 FET EB318_60A_TC100.asv
IBat = 59.9A
IPhase = 179.8A
Overcurrent delay = 0.5s

I did a short test at Ibat=90A, Iphase=270A... Top speed 99kph.

Thank you NeilP for your help!


  • 18 FET EB318_60A_TC100.txt
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You're not supposed to change default profiles (which come with XPD and Keywin EBL), that's why the files are readonly.

You're supposed to create a copy of one of the std profiles (if you really need it, usually creating a profile from scratch is not much more complex as XPD will set reasonable default values for most parameters) then modify the copy to suit your needs.

Perhaps, XPD doesn't articulate this clear enough, will fix in next version if won't forget.
Ok, good! :)