Lyen controller wires?

Dec 13, 2014
Can anyone help provide some information for the wires from my Lyen Controller. I am trying to hook up my Throttle that has different color wires. I know my Throttle is setup like this
Pin1 – Positive or Red wire
Pin2 – Negative or black wire
Pin 3 - Signal (white)
This is the Controller i use 18 FET 4110 Mark II Overclocker Ready Sensorless it has Green ( Signal) and i'm not sure what the black - red ones are. Are they standard always Red positive? black Negative?
Typically red is positive and black negative. To be sure you can always use a meter to find out.
On throttles, it's more or less universal that 5v is red and 0v is black, so the third wire is the signal, which is most commonly green or white, but could be any colour.