A companys going out of business auction in Cambridge MA

Have you looked at the shopsmith? I think it started at JCPenny... or mebbe sears... in any case, it is a modular system that is designed to give farmers/small plot folks (uhm, not sure if that translates from Irish to english real well. People who don't have tonnes of space and are limited to what the garage will allow) to have access to things like a drill press, lathes, table saws etc. In a very small footprint you can have all of the above and it actually works.

I know they were pricey, and I am told the older ones are better built than the new (after a motor swap) I have looked at a few but my garage floor is a pre-compressed slab, Drill in it and poof, no more floor. So not for now. I have however helped source these for a few people. They are regularly available used on/line (Neighbor built a backyard shed and put in one we found from the mid 60's, it is pretty cool) He uses it for wood turning.

Ok, my brain full of generally useless things has barfed up one more random thought than I needed today....
Shopsmith, had one, great for woodworking... Not so good for metalworking. I did have a 54" SB9 but had to let it go when I moved. - no room. Still tears over that puppy.

I have a smaller 6" lathe, a decent 16" floor drill press, a 220V inverter MIG, a oxy/LPG torch,... and far too many tool chests eating precious floor space.
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See, you need to move a bit.

When Cancer boy is off Chemo we might be moving to Big skys. You need to be my new neighbor... I will have an entire building for stupid stunts. ::coughs:: I mean detailed engineering research and fabrication.. at least that is what it says on the business license (ok, it is just a name and "Custom fabrication and prototype development" but means the same thing right? and yes, that is what my biz card actually says. Except the one that says simply "Silver Smith")
Yep, and still organising transport, One of my peeps has to attend a Security lecture in the middle of that day, so lost one, Other one can't commit because he is on his 3rd contract extension which ends tomorrow.

So, plan B) I have a local storage unit and non-class A folks gonna show up and move things.

I am an orphan, adopted by a pair of drunks. Causes me to get weirded out when people consider me family and jump in to help no matter what weird thing I am doing, the folks helping me with this are such people, lovely family, their son is my buddy with Cancer. I guess I did miss out on something growing up the way I did.
SO in other other news...

  • (500) NEW Coaster Cycles Venture E-Trikes (Never used)
  • (40) Coaster Cycles Freighter E-Trikes (Never used)
  • (720) Envilo CA Hub, 36 spoke, Matte Black, Disc and Rim Brake, 135mm Solid Axles
  • (890) Enviolo CA Automatiq Hub Interfaces
  • (920) Enviolo Automatiq Hub Magnet Ring
  • (900) Enviolo Automatiq Sprocket Magnet Ring
  • (1100) Enviolo Main Wire Harness, 600MM
  • (340) Enviolo Manual Controllers, CA2, Black, 2200mm
  • (290) Manual Hub Interface
  • (300) Bosch Drive Units, Performance Gen 4, CX, 20MPH
  • (300) Bosch Displays, Intuvia
  • (900) Bosch Batteries, PowerPack 500 Frame Anthracite
  • (450) Bosch Chargers 4A (100-240V)
  • (3500) Fork, 1-1/8" Steer Tube, Double Crown, Black Cantilever
  • (1500) Stem MX Alloy 1-1/8" Black
  • (3050) Pedals, Wellgo 9/16 Cr-mo Asle, One Piece Plastic Pedal w/Fiber
  • (2050) Grip, 130mm, Pair
  • (1500) Seatpost, 31.6mm Alloy Black, 2-bolt Clamps
  • (1500) Seatpost Clamp, QR 34.9mm Black
  • (1950) Brake Pads
  • (1750) Wheel, Coaster Front 26”
  • (5100) Wheel, Coaster Rear 20”, 12G 48H, 1" Axle Hub
  • (324) MartinCustom Products Brake Caliper w/Shoes
  • (1050) 35" Differential w/ 1" Axle
  • (675) Abus Lock, Ring and Battery lock
  • (309) M-Unit, Basic
It appears that there are in fact.. a LOT of bikes.

So here it your chance to chime in. I will get a lock on what the transport package is going to look like, get that paid for and organised, then we are down to bidding.
11th trhrough the thirteenth.

oh, if you want one transported do you want to bid it? or want me to just pick it up?
I just checked their website and it says that bidding is from 3/26 to 3/28 and pick up is about a week later. If you don't show, you lose the bike and the money Hibid

Be aware that some of the auctions are for up to 31 bikes. It might even be for more. I did see auctions for 4 and 6 bikes and only a few for one. This might make the prices for one to go sky high. Maybe I should bid on 4 of them and then try to off load the other 2? This is starting to seem like it's putting a lot on DaLanMan. Their rules are kind of stringent too. I'm not sure that if one of us wins an auction that the auction company will let any other than the bidder pick up anything. But unless somebody wants them for their parts they might go for really cheap

Maybe we should just front DLM the purchase price then let him handle the bidding too? Glad I'm not DLM. :mrgreen:
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Their rules are kind of stringent too. I'm not sure that if one of us wins an auction that the auction company will let any other than the bidder pick up anything.
FWIW, from my experience with the Arizona auction, there's a simple authorization form that you fill out to have someone else pick up on your behalf.
I have one of my peeps getting in direct contact with the auction site tomorrow.

I have arranged (no money has changed hands, but 90% positive) for local storage at a garage of all things, guy has 3 stalls unrented over winter and letting me have a good deal.. It helps that it is not "the guy from Cali" but "the kid from Bozeman" handling the calls...

So, still trying to get the last info nailed up..

AS for the auctions. I am buying 1 complete bike, you have a desire for one, figure we gang up and see if we can't get a bundle group. the 3-6 groupings should not be that popular. that is "get a big truck and trailer" territory, and yet, not gonna fill the truck.

I might have a lead on getting slack space from a truck that drives back and forth. he will bring things as he can for a flat rate per unit (I am fairly certain he is pocketing it directly) so might work out.

Oh, and welcome to the weird world of "how cheap can I get my big weird thing moved"

I am not too terribly concerned about the money thing out the door. I have seen 2x units move in the past few weeks because they ain't gonna be no mo. Both of those went for over 4k... which is just.. sad all things considered. I am not worried about getting the money back out..

ALso, I just checked email and there are a couple ppl I know that want to buy rickshaw/delivery units in the area, if that firms up. helps the process.

I am most interested in the frame kits. which I imagine are gonna go cheap.

I have not had any problems with companies letting things go. I have 2 licensed big rig drivers, and a local involved in the process. Them working under contract generally is not a cause of kerfuffle.
OK I'm glad you are happy with the process. I'll be sending you the $ for one complete bike in a couple of days (if that is ok with you.) I just want a complete one with the small box on it. I understand that we won't really know what we'll get until the auction is over. Should I wait on sending the $ until the auction is over? Whatever you want is fine by me.

I'd be interested in frame kits too if they came with motor and battery. IOW everything but the box. I'll be bidding pretty cheap so I most likely won't win anything. I think it would be wise to leave the bidding to you just in case they are picky...
Yeah I will review the lots tonight and shoot a note out about what looks like best bets, we can settle up after.
These are interesting from alibaba

That just lowered my bid to Hibid. I think I'll bid $400 for a compleat one.
Yeah, just ran over everything I had for listins.. and it is play stupid games day eveidently, That is near to the MSRP of these units. THey were intended (from some old literature I found) to MSRP at 28-45000... so a 2k minimum is not an auction, it is a sale price of like 30% Doesn't fit for me either.
they have a total of 5 bids... not each, not per unit... no no... 5 people tossed in money/

Turns out that 2k is the *START*...

3k reserve.
I saw a really nice bike I kinda really wanted, it was dumb, but reasonably priced (around 600 bucks for the chassis which came equipped with a 600w front hub, My plan was to ditch that but yeah) Not a bad deal all things considered... Then I noticed.. tehy wanted I shit you not 18oo for shipping.

I think they must be in Montana now.

The locals I have all kind of excited about this are livid, the people who are laid off and are expecting a partial last cheque from this (rumour has it, not betting on the whole story) are pissed off, and the owners/execs/whatev that made this decision? yeah, no show. Even the auction people are pissed off. they have a LOT of time and money invested in this and they see it going to dust.
"8. Buyer's Premium. SVD in its sole discretion may impose a buyer's premium ("Buyer's Premium") on any Goods sold. The Buyer's Premium is a percentage that is added to the final purchase price of any item. SVD shall charge and collect from each successful bidder a 18% buyer's premium if paying by cash, cashier's or certified check, federal wire transfer or corporate check for each sale at the auction, in addition to the purchase price as bid."