Aftermarket tail light for Arrow 9 (NYC) delivery ebike


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Dec 17, 2021
Hi all, this is a great site for ebike with lot's of in depth tech info. I've been lurking, read lot's of the forum posts since I joined & this is my first post. 2 months ago, I bought a used Arrow 9 ebike (48V) which is one of 2 ebikes that the NYC delivery workers all seem to use (the other is the Fly 7 e-scooter). It was very dirty, missing the tail light and needed other minor work. It does not appear it had a lot of use. I don't think it was used for delivery. It runs well with what I think is a good battery (I've ridden it 50 miles on a full charge in the lowest pedal assist mode before it drops to 1 led (of 3) battery status indicator. It's one of the early Arrows and does not have a LCD display(no speed, mileage, odometer etc) like the later Arrow 9A and Arrow 10. I have since installed a volt meter and a bicycle computer.

Getting back to the tail light. The wire from it is cut at the controller (which sits under the battery). A new tail light is $35 from the local shops that sell the Arrow. My understanding is that the factory tail light is just that, with no brake light or turn signals. I'd like to add both.

I found this tail light with the features I want on AliExpress. What do you think? Any suggestions in wiring it up? I do have an electronics background and not afraid to go into the electronics, add missing switches for the turn signals etc.,scm-url:1007.40050.281175.0,pvid:7d07d435-1528-49a0-a1f3-220ba7130aad,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238111%231996&pdp_ext_f=%7B%22sku_id%22%3A%2212000028968769266%22%2C%22sceneId%22%3A%2230050%22%7D&pdp_npi=2%40dis%21USD%2112.89%217.09%21%21%21%21%21%402101f6b416638611986922011e1ad6%2112000028968769266%21rec


There's a recent thread discussing lights with a similar-appearing rear light, that might be of help:
amberwolf said:
There's a recent thread discussing lights with a similar-appearing rear light, that might be of help:

Hey thanks for the reply amberwolf! The tail light arrived last week (much faster than quoted). Looks like an OK unit considering the price. I bench tested it today with a 24 volt battery and all the led's are working. Will mount it and figure out the wiring to the controller & add whatever functions not provided (brake and turn).