Another QS273 Build - "Ducati badging" for fun

Sep 21, 2022
Hello fellow ebike builders!

I waited until I ironed all of the kinks out on this build before posting. Originally started with the Sabvoton controller that comes with the rear hub kit, that died after like 50 miles, had to push the bike home.... Sourced a Nucular 24f controller from a member of this page, with some programming help got it setup.

Ditched the BB pedal assembly for foot pegs.

The build specifics are:
  • QS 273 3T hub motor
  • 84v 70ah 200a battery (55lbs)
  • Nucular 24f controller (not showing the correct wattage, I never configured)
  • DNM suspension front & rear
  • 19" Moto wheels front & rear
  • Magura MT5 203mm 4 piston brakes (these stop a lot better than I imagined)
  • Warp 9 Stem Lock (I highly recommend this, It was impossible to get the all of the play out of the form and headset with a star nut)
  • Moto seat (I have the controller mounted under seat)
  • Bike weight is 176lbs
My battery comes from enduro bikes, It takes up every millimeter of the frame case so I had no room for the controller or a dc convertor.

Anyway, my goal was to be able to get to work and back home 6 miles round trip, but I have 1.5 mile very steep grade hill to my work.
Also to keep up with traffic 45 mph.


Here in San Diego, its hills everywhere it takes a lot of torque "AMPs" to get you and the bike up and down.

My total range with hills in the mix is about 15 miles.

It took me 2 years and $7,000 in receipts.

Would I do it again? NO :)

The Ducati badging is for fun.... some people think its funny, some get upset they can't find it on the Ducati webpage.

But compared to CAB Motoworks who sell a similar model for 12k I think I did ok.

Hope you enjoy!


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Thanks, they are a little too long. These were actually the heel / toe extended controls arms for Harley on Amazon and MTB platform pedals. I had to open up all of the holes and remove the sealed cartridge's bearing from the pedals and then bolt all together. I think sourced everything for less than $100, couldn't have anything machined for that price. When these wear out I will put together another set with 2" shorter arms.