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Bafang M400 Controller Settings


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Aug 9, 2022

I have two e-bikes with the M400 mid drive. One with a 250W controller, and one with a 350W controller.

The 250W controller settings I have on it now, I feel works well.
It is based on the settings from e-bikeNZ's thread: Bafang Max Drive - configuring

The 350W controller is on a fatbike, and I can't seem to get the performance I expect from it. And the stock config was... strange...
Here is a Google Spreadsheet with the Stock (Standard) and Modified (Modifisert) settings.
Google Spreadsheet - Bafang M400
I am currently running the settings labled "M400 350W Test V 1.0" on the fatbike.

Any input to fix my mistakes would be appreciated 😅

Edit: To add that I have installed a throttle on the fatbike
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I can add that I have had a "problem" with the bike since I changed the gearing. Changed to MicroShift 11-46 in the rear, and 32 in the front.
Feels like the motor or TQ sensor don't get enought "resistance" (the power from the motor goes on-off etc.) in the first two gears. 3-8 works fine. Same thing with the throttle.
Is this something that I can "tune out" in the Torque settings? If so, could anyone give some guidance? :unsure:

Thanks :)

Testing continues.
But I did find a fix for the motor not working in my two lowest gears. I Added a second magnet to the rear wheel.
So it looks like when the speed got too low, the time between magnet pulses was too long, and shutting off the motor.