Baserunner Fault Code


10 mW
Mar 24, 2014
I have just installed a Baserunner controller for my Ezee hub motor

The controller and all associated wiring has been installed.
I opened up Phaserunner suit on my laptop, downloaded Grins default parameters, selected my motor (Ezee 250rpm) and the Baserunner V4 L10 controller and loaded the parameters.
The problem is that I have 1 error and 1 warning.
The codes are:

Faults[0] Controller over voltage (flash code 1,1)
Warnings[8] Max Regen Voltage Rollback

I am running a 13s 48v pack which is charged to 52.6v

I don’t know whether it’s relevant but when i disconnect the 9 pin Basic Cable the controller switches off??

I have attached a screenshot of the software screen

Any ideas what’s going on here?


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The Fast and Slow Over Voltage settings were set too low as default.
i find it strange that one of Grins default profiles would be set up in this way out of the box
Does seem strange; I had a problem I never finished troubleshooting with Phaserunner v6 on a GMAC in a 20" wheel that might be related to it. I don't recall the specific errors but it's in my SB Cruiser thread's last page or two if you're curious.

The PR now runs a DD Ultramotor in the same size wheel under the same conditions, with no changes other than tuning for the motor itself, with no errors.