Best BMS for E-bikes made in China


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Dec 17, 2022
The ambition of this thread is to produce a list of RELIABLE Battery Management System manufacturers producing equipment for ebikes in China.

There are various names of chinese BMS producers (e.g. ANT, JBD, Speedict, bestechpower) scattered around this forum (and others). There are names of unreliable producers as well.
This thread will try to assemble the views of the community in one place, as chinese products come up a lot due to both cost and the sizeable presence of China in the battery industry.

The suggested selection criteria are the following:

1. This is about producers, not models. If you have bought 10 different BMSs from the same producer and 9 are still working as expected, it is a good producer.

2. By "made in China" we will liberally mean mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (please no politics, mainland China is full of Taiwanese bike factories. Especially in this field, the two are very hard to separate)
By "made in China" we do not mean a chinese company only. We mean any company producing the BMS in China, as loosely defined above.

3. Price is not a selection criterion. Just because it is "made in China", it does not have to be sold cheap in the west.

4. By RELIABLE we mean: it does what it promised to do, it does not overheat, it does not fail, it has never induced an electrical malfunction attributable to the BMS, it has not caught fire! A reasonable period for the BMS to deliver as expected is set at 7 years. Nothing lasts forever. The cells will last less than this.

5. After-sales service, manual availability and sales channel do not matter. What matters is not having to worry about it once it is inside your battery case.

6. Any BMS type (balancing, protective, etc.) for any cell chemistry qualifies for as long as it is intended for e-bikes.

7. If you have experience with many producers, just name the best.

So. Who makes a good BMS in China??
I've seen a very good marketing from D*aly bms's video one month ago, very futuristic video, bms under hollywood scenes , at a very futuristic video edit style. butt I can't find that video now..

does this dude and the girl from video knows that 30% d*ly production (from millions units sold worldwide..) does not even have a low cut voltage, it keeps drawing energy from any battery until 0V per cell.. do those d*ly bms's have at least a high cut voltage at 4,2V or if battery debalance, it keep's chargin cells up to 5V? :unsure:

Any way check this tech video