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Bosch BLDC F016L68035


10 W
Feb 10, 2016
Lower Austria
Hi everyone 2 months ago i buy a really cheap BLDC. I oder it and think to myself what could go wrong for 20 Bugs.... After the Motor arrived i was really surprised.
For this little Money you get a lot BLDC/Motor.
I dont get any Money from the Factory i only want to show people who love to build Diy project that there is a Motor out there that could be an Option for some People(low budget)
The only disadvantage is that the Motor had no Hall Sensors but..... it is possible to retrofit some..Hall sensors are cheap to for .... smart do it yourselfer it should be no problem...
Please watch out meantime there are many shops on the www who sold the Motor for 35 Or more but it is possible to get this BLDC for lower money
I also made a little Video from this (Lown mower) BLDC. F016L68035

Greetings from my Garage