Can you help our research on ebikes?

Nov 20, 2019
Hi all :)
We are a group of students from an University of Lausanne EPFL, and we are studying the e-bike mobility and how to promote it.
We would ask 10 minutes of your time to fill up a questionnaire, if you would allow

Thanks in advance for your time!
Do not hesitate if you have questions or suggestions for improvement!
We are a group of students from EPFL (Switzerland). We are studying means to promote e-bike and mobility on electric-powered 2 wheels.
We are trying to collect information through a internet form.
Can you help us trying to shape part of of the future in personal mobility?

Click the below (very long) link, thanks you!
Hi, we are doing an university research job.
I do not know how accustomed you are with these type of "work", but is generally taking ages before results are consolidated.
the preliminary results are immediate out of the form (and to say the truth, they change daily in their profile..!).. Neverthe less, we are trying to collect as much responses to have a statistical meaning out of it.
But thanks for pointing out!
Hi, hello everybody, thanks to your support, we have been collecting 75 answers to our form.
We are students from the Technical University in Lausanne (Switzerland) and we are researching e-bike mobility, and how to support it.
Can you help us aiming at 100 compiled forms, to provide our supervisors a minimum of statistical base in the the answers? we thank you in advance!
click here below, thank you! said:
Hi, hello everybody
You really are not representing your group very well with such spammy repetition rather than actual two-way communication.

Please give assurance the final results of your survey will be posted back here, let us know if there are reasons why that will not be possible.

Perhaps the contact information of someone leading your project would help give credibility?

And please don't just keep posting the same text.

And you keep starting new threads for the same thing, rather than keeping to your original, as the rules require, so the moderators apparently keep having to merge your threads.