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DONE A TEST RIDE at last,, some issues !


10 W
Jun 24, 2022
Hi all
MY build post link https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=118899&p=1747036#p1747036

than you for all your help and views and advise, we actually got the thing together enough to
do a short test run and great all round just a couple of things that i am going to throw out to you pros,
the acceleration is great on the 45amh battery but i would say there is a delay after twisting the throttle.
also the regen when using the safety clutch lever is not very impressive,
and the last thing is as we thought, when we select the 20am battery when throttling up hard it cuts out (bsm i think)or maybe because the controller is set a 60am ?
i think its maybe all solvable in the settings in the controller,
all help is greatly appreciated thanks
hi voltron
thanks for your reply yes both fully charged,
i think there is regen force setting in the controller programming