Dr.Bass Steveo found 7s3p Module! Awesome Price!!

Nothing a dremel tool and a screwdriver can't solve. Re-affixing the cells might be tricky but if its 1 or 2, it's not a big deal IMO. We'll see though. Just speculation.
Now that I have the cells in hand, I think surgery can be done tp them. I need the time to evaluate the cells I suspect, and if I end up doing a repair I will document it here.
dnmun said:
but there is not any evidence to support your view that you will have to take the battery apart. just a stream of misinformation.

even if the cell voltage drops, that is not clear evidence that the cell is self discharging at a higher rate than the others.

you would have to measure how much charge is lost by recharging to fully charged, then bench testing the cell and establishing the total capacity in order to determine the rate of self discharge. nobody has done anything like that here, or even has a clue how to.
You have over 7K posts here and don't know how to check cell capacity?
Hey Drewjet, any word on health of your batteries? How goes it? Any chance you can provide some rough outer dims?
It is 8.3"WX6.4"LX9.5"H

I have them installed in my Cushman as 21S6P(6 modules). http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=46064
I draw about 100 amps at full throttle at full speed, which is around 37MPH. I have not got a CA hooked up yet, hopefully this week, so I don't have real accurate info yet. The longest trip without charge was 22 miles, I was still over 3.2 volts as I recall. I bought a founding powers BMS to use with it. http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=40774
It was working well. However, when I went to extend the wires so that they can be in the drivers compartment, it stopped working, I am working with Eason to get this fixed.
I have a few cells that discharge to a lower voltage and during charge go to a higher voltage, which means to me their capacity is degraded. I have not yet run capacity tests on any cells, but intend to as time permits. It does seem as I put more cycles on that they are self balancing better, time will tell.

My speed is too low for what I want, both my controller and BMS can handle up to 24S so my thought is that I can take one of the modules with a weak center cell ( I bought 7 total to have a spare) cut it out, and then tie the remaining 3S3P halfs together as 3S6P to get me up to 24S6P for a 15% boost in volts and speed. Depending on my range I may end up adding a third or maybe even a fourth parallel set as I would really like to have around a 70 to 80 mile range. My max amp draw is around 400 amps and the batteries do not go over ambient temp
Thought I would bump this thread to ask all the buyers of the modules how these have worked out?

Did you have much of a failure rate?

Did you find a way to do repairs?

How did these modules work out for your project?

What was your module application for?

Thanks. :D
that is very affordable for some of my projects so put me down for 1.

when and where do we pay?

pm sent in case you dont read the forums
ejonesss said:
that is very affordable for some of my projects so put me down for 1.

when and where do we pay?

pm sent in case you dont read the forums

This is an old thread. See OP. But, maybe someone will sell you their used ones they shipped to the USA??? :)

Also, we need feedback about these modules. I wish people would report their long-term experiences using these.

is the shipping per module or for the whole lot and is that shipping from china to usa or to the end user ?

and i have paypal so when they get in the usa please pm me i would be interested in 1 module.

anyone got one of them modules for sale and how much?

please pm me i am interested in one
I bought 4 x 28S3P modules a couple of years ago.
It was a big gamble sending £4000 off into the unknown with no warranty etc or even guarantee of receiving anything!
They arrived promptly though, a bit scruffy/dented in an inadequate wooden crate but all the cell's were alive, and I was happy with that.

I have used the modules in one of my Civic hybrid cars and they have a useful capacity of about 50ah at 1C discharge (60A). I built my own BMS boards to the same size as the OEM ones, with the same mounting and connection plugs. This is covered on another thread. The packs seem impervious to the sort of loads I can throw at them :D

I'm still working on too many projects but hope to use all four modules in due course in a pure EV honda Insight mk1.
I paid about £1000 each inc shipping and customs not cheap but they have worked out well for me.
Keep an eye on them my friend. You know those were hijacked from the Fiskar recall waste stream because 1 in 4 cells has possible internal foil to tab weld issues. The issue is something worth having some concern about.
I agree we all knew they could have issues when we bought them and the provenance was unknown.
I've used mine for two years I think that's a reasonable test. Perhaps I got lucky. :wink:
Bringing it back up.

Does anybody have any of the 7S1P leftover and would like to sell? I only bought 7 and wish I would of gotten more
drewjet said:
Bringing it back up.

Does anybody have any of the 7S1P leftover and would like to sell? I only bought 7 and wish I would of gotten more

Wish I could help you, I have some extra 7s3p and 28s3p modules. I've read lots of debate but I don't know how to legitimately ship lithium, so I'd be looking for local pickup. That's an obstacle, since I'm in California and you are in Florida, sorry. :oops:

28S3P blocks x 4 Might sell.
I'm moving house and need the space.

I got lucky and got four good packs.
They have +50Ah capacity at 1C 60A rates.

I paid £4000 inc import duties to UK.
Price £3000 cash on collection only.
No offers, trades or shipping etc.

My purpose built BMS boards for these packs are also available at £50 each.
(Two reqd per pack)
Wanted an A123 (28s3p) Battery Module.

I originally purchased three from China which arrived with varying issues. One of the packs came with a shorted cell and smashed in corner that obviously had happened prior to shipment. I was able to bypass the damaged cell because it was on the end and have been using it. After testing this weekend and seeing differences in charging, I discovered that a second cell has shorter out in this module. This cell is in the middle of the module and I am not sure I can bypass it effectively. Given this is the second cell in the pack that has shorted out, it’s very likely this module has more of the recalled cells and I would like to replace it, if any are available for sale before worse things happen.