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E-bike battery rebuilder - highly recommended


1 µW
Jun 11, 2019
My bottle battery - 24v 11mah stopped charging and needed to be repaired. Some months ago I posted this need on the e-bike forum and a member, Richard Head, replied (Headrc), offering his services to repair or rebuild the battery. After initial emails to discuss, size and price the effort, I decided to go ahead. I'm glad I did. Richard diagnosed problems with the BMS and a number of Li-Ion cells, found and ordered replacements, installed a new on/off switch, reassembled the whole thing, then tested it all and shipped it back to me. This was not nearly as easy I made it sound. Richard had to locate and source pieces that would fit, which meant purchasing from China, and after trying the on/off switch, had it fail and then he had to locate a replacement, which sent him on another scavenger hunt. Through it all Richard kept me updated, always laid out the issues, asked for approval for any new charges, and was thoroughly professional. The battery works as it should: he put the "e" back into my e-bike. What might have been a castoff returned to being a fully functioning e-bike that I gifted to a friend's wife whose balky knees prevented her from pedaling a mechanical bike and who can now enjoy the pleasures of assist.
Thanks for those kind words Steve, I am glad we could get this working for you. Richard