FalconEV 19" triangle bag.


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Jun 15, 2010
Utah, USA
Cell_man actually recommended this bag from Falcon EV.. after trying various non-bag frame mounting systems, i figured why not give it a try.

( scroll down to the 'Diamond frame battery bag' part )

Now mind you, this company is old school and they take orders via credit card over the phone. They don't have a webstore, which was a bit off putting at first, but you know what.. i got the product very fast after ordering and the man at the end of the line was a nice fella, even tried to offer some tips for the lipo setup.

Total shipped cost was $47.


Well, here's the bag. Look at those gnarly velcro straps.


Cool little slit for running the battery wires to the bag.


Looks like water resistant zippers here, the zippers are designed to be padlocked also.


Interior shot.


6-9mm padding around the top/bottom, and very firm stuff too. Should cushion a heavy pack quite well.
No padding on the sides however.


Wow..... 12 5S lipo packs fit in this damn thing, with some room to spare!


This is what the bag looks like closed with that lipo in it.


As for using 6s packs, shouldn't be a problem. There is plenty of space to bulge outwards.
I am sure some lifepo4 packs should fit in this too.


This bag fits my 19.5" trek 4300 like a damn glove. Isn't too wide that i can't pedal either.

Overall, i give this bag a 9 out of 10 rating. The only area i could see improvement in is side padding. That can be added fairly easily enough. Otherwise, you couldn't ask for a better eBike bag if you have a lot of triangle room. For a smaller triangle, you could squish it up a bit too, and it would work just fine.
That guy from falcon ev it looks like he has a few items that i would get from him but his mood changes too often for my taste and then he used to down every battery pack say they have problem for him to try to sell his battery packs which are way over priced but thats a nice setup for your lipos
Yeah, i heard about those old posts when i mentioned Falcon EV to people.
Oh well, for a bag like this at a very fair price, i won't hold it against him. There aren't a lot of options for center triangle bags that are big enough to fit a good size battery in anyway. Trust me, i have 3 triangle bags here and this is the first one that is actually useful. The others hold about 4 packs and bulge doing it.

I ordered the crystalyte bag too. According to Ken at itselectric, that bag is super honkin' huge. We'll see how it goes. This bag so far is about as perfect as i could ask for.

Got my lipos in it with a bunch of padding. Room for a controller in there too.
The bike feels very well balanced now with the weight in the right spot :)
looks good. i saw this bag a few weeks ago when i was researching triangle bags and all of them were too small except for this one.

however, i went to the website and didn't see any way to buy this online so i moved on.

maybe i'll pick up the phone and call this guy and order one. it looks very nice.
Ahh, see i like them in a squishy pack, not a hard one. With this foam, they actually have enough suspension to float up and down and there is no possibility of hitting or chafing against anything hard. I have done a full on bounce test and this foam is just hard enough to prevent them from being hit.

The bag itself also has some nice stiff padding in it. I think of it as a dual stage suspension.. hehe

If i had a dual suspension bike, i would certainly go with the less insulated route. But my bike being an aluminum hardtail can be quite the tooth rattler on some roads here.
Would this fit a Ping 48v15ah? Looking at the dimensions on Ping & FalconEV's sites, it looks like the battery will be too wide. Ping is 11.8" x 4.1" x 5.9" and the FalconEV bag is 18" x 2.5" x 11". Do you think if the battery was strategically positioned the bag would stretch around 1.6 inches? - .8" each side?
I'm considering my next build being similar to yours, with a geared rear hub and bike like the 4300 or similar.
good question..

There is some room to puff outwards on the pack, but i think that is stretching it too far.
The other problem with big square/rectangle packs like that is that a good part of the weight would be resting on one corner of the pack. That's bad news for sure.

This is the largest battery bag i could find on the net, so it may be worth a shot. You shouldn't have a prob reselling it if it doesn't work.. shipping cost is cheap since it folds up well.

Hell, i'd probably buy it off you if it doesn't work so that i could have a spare.
I have used this bag all winter it worked and looks good.just don't do what I did and tighten top tube velcro straps to tight. They will eventually tear out.let all the weight rest on the bottom.
Thanks to neptronix for both this review and advising me on whether my battery would fit in this bag. I just received the FalconEV bag, popped my ebay lifepo4 36v 15ah in (slightly snug, but still some play), and it fits in my 19" Motobecane 400HT triangle. I took a test drive (still no motor, on the slow boat), the center balance with the 12+ pound battery is terrific, and the whole bag fits between my legs as I pedal without them brushing against it. Looking into options for effective but not-too-thick padding for the sides.

Waiting to receive the controller to see if it will fit in there, too.

I use some stuff from the hardware store myself, it's some kind of foam padding intended for air conditioners.
Any thick/strong foam stuff will do just fine. The bag has it's own padding too, which is quite good.

If you wouldn't mind posting a picture when you're done, that would be nice.
KipMcSkipster said:
I just received the FalconEV bag, popped my ebay lifepo4 36v 15ah in (slightly snug, but still some play), and it fits in my 19" Motobecane 400HT triangle.

What are your battery dimensions?
8.7x4.2x5.9 inches. Needless to say, I have it oriented along the narrowest dimension (4.2") so that the bag doesn't bulge much on the sides.
KipMcSkipster said:
8.7x4.2x5.9 inches. Needless to say, I have it oriented along the narrowest dimension (4.2") so that the bag doesn't bulge much on the sides.

Do you think you would be able to cram in 3 more inches the long way? My battery is similar, but 11.8" long.
Neptronix, I know im pushing, but do you think I would be able to fit 12 6s 8000mah zipps on that bag?
gensem, that is pushing it way too far. Comfortably, i can fit 8 or 10 6s 5000mAH packs.. any larger than that, and it starts to interfere with the ability to pedal and bulges.
10 5ah lipos would fit with a 6fet controller.. hehe.

I fit maximum 8 lipo packs ( 20ah ) and a 9FET in mine. This gives the 9fet enough room to breathe with the bag opened up a notch.
So im gessing that 6 5s 8000mah zipps would fit with a 9fet controller inside?
Btw, do you know the bag external dimensions?

I just received mine and can confirm that it will fit a 48v 15ah Ping. It's a little snug, but zippers have enough clearance. Plenty of room for padding except for the sides.
Hey V_Mark, Thanks for sharing and confirming that 48v 15ah battery fits in the triangle bag.
I was actually thinking of doing the exact same thing.
I am really happy with my 48v 10ah ping but it range is not enough from where i live in the suburbs of Stockholm to Downtown AND back (30km = 18miles Roundtrip) without stopping to recharge somewhere in town, like work, the gym etc. Otherwise this battery has been bullet proof, and a 48v 15ah battery would be bomb proof. :twisted: