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FalconEV 36v10a Discharge Graph


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Apr 26, 2007
SoCal, USA
Below is a discharge curve showing the first two full cycles on the FalconEV pack, on a CBA-II.

Before the first cycle, I used .6ah from the as-shipped charge, re-charged it, and discharged @ 2.37amps (.237c, restricted to under 100 watts by CBA II) to 34v. 2nd cycle I discharged to 33v. Both yielded @ 10.7 ah without engaging the BMS low-voltage cutoff, I think the 'recharge' on the first cycle burped in a few extra watts.

After much disappointment with NiMh ratings, I think 10.71ah on a battery rated for 10ah is pretty refreshing. I can't wait to see what it yields at a 30a discharge. I am a little sketchy on the charge time, I believe it was about 8 hours using the supplied 1.5a chargers.

The factory Andy buys from is so concerned about the other pack (damaged in shipping) that they are paying to ship it back to China to inspect it. That sounds like an organization with resources, and a commitment to quality. Andy has shipped me a replacement battery, he happened to have an extra 15ah LiMn pack, I paid extra for the 50% capacity increase.

Andy reported that the 10ah pack has a 30a BMS , but the 15ah pack has a 50a bms, and he highly recommends the 15ah pack as a minimum. I foolishly insisted that 30a would be plenty, as my Tidalforce runs at 30a in 'turbo' - which it does, except for that irksome little .2 second 47a spike on WOT that trips the 30ah BMS.

So the 15ah replacement pack will allow me to test on my TF, and the 10ah and 15ah packs can combine serial for 72v10ah@30a for my other motors. Either way, not much real-world testing I can do until the 15ah pack arrives!



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Cool -- did you just get the CBA?

The legend says "12 li-ion cells". Unless something has recently changed radically, a 36 volt LiMn pack should be 10 cells; a 36 volt LiFePO4 pack should be 12 cells.

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Battery Firsts:


Vectrix Pack Replacement:

This VIDEO shows a few still photos of the old pack coming out, then a time-lapse of the entire battery being built.
  • (5) blue cells are arranged side-by-side to parallel them into a 50ah "supercell", and a capped with orange cell-holders.
    (5) of these supercells are laid end-to-end to connect them in series, giving a 5s5p "row" of cells.
    (9) of these rows are stacked on top of each other to form a pack with 45s5p / 175v50ah / 8kw capacity /250a continious.

However, because of the overhang in the front of the bike, I could only squeeze the first 6 rows of cells through the opening. Accordingly, you will see the first (6) rows built outside the bike, then hoisted into the bike. Next you see the remaining (3) rows being installed on top of the pack, installed directly inside the bike itself. In the end, I show the 46.5 mile range I got on my aggressive maiden voyage, with the resting voltage still above 3v/cell so there was more capacity to be had. Note that the orange cell-holders hold 2 rows worth of cells, so I am actually building two rows at a time.


Here are some duplicate links I fleshed out with pictures for one of Justin's threads:

Norco A-line/xlyte 5403:


Specialized Enduro Comp/BMC V2-T:


TF-IO/BMC V3, and the birth of the front-mounted pack as a handling IMPROVEMENT:


Kepler Friction-Drive outrunner:


x5tracycle links:
Upgrade http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10201
Build http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3514


TF/X5 wheelie machine:



My first build, circa 2007:


Finally, the original post I pirated/edited to add this TOC:

I bought my CBA last May
Now it helps me Every Day,
Recommend it, I would Say.

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You are correct about the cell count, wise one. The CBA doesn't have a LiMn selection so I chose LiPo and the application gueses how many cells are in the pack, and force feeds that into the title, like it or not.

The only parameters that affect the test are cutoff voltage, cutoff temp, and drain rate. The battery type and cell count just happy fluff, ineffective ingenuity.

Drain rate on the CBA II is limited to 125 watts up to 12v (I think) and under 100w up to 36v, although I have had it overheat/shudown near 100w so I leave a little headroom.