FX-E singlEspeed


100 mW
Feb 7, 2013
Hi guys, just wanted to show you my latest stealthy ebike;

Q100 36V rear, half thumb throttle, pocket LiPo 10s 5Ah, easy, clean & simple.





Greetings from Barcelona!
Very Cool!

Where's the controller? Inside the bag with the batteries?
Looks great! What's the weight, before and after the conversion? I like the routing of cables inside the frame - did you drill it or were the holes already there?

Hi! I made the cable enrouting myself by drilling the steel with care. Weight is around 12 kg. and yes... It could be for sale.
I really like the simplicity and clean look, that's the key.
Love this bike. So clean and simple. I want to build one. What power output does the hub have?
I have just built a wheel with that same motor.
I like the way the cables are hidden. It would go un noticed as an ebike.
I have built a few single speeds with a front hub motor. The motor helps you get up to speed without gears avoiding the uncomfortable slow speed grinding normally associated with single speeds.
Very nice stealth build!
I am converting a Specialized Langster Pro and your approach really encouraged me regarding "how stealthy can this go" :)

I plan to use 30q Samsung cells in the saddle bag but I dont know how to place the controller.

I believe you placed the controller insider the saddle bag and the batteries inside the frame or in the "water" bottle..? :)