HD truck EV with range extender


100 W
Mar 24, 2018
Edmond, OK USA
Yesterday I put down a deposit on an heavy duty truck EV, with a range extender kit. Electric drivetrain with unlimited range for service trucks. Best of both worlds.

I'm now looking for a shop to start to do these conversions commercially in the next year. Integration with the existing body module is going to be the key thing to work on this year, lots of CAN bus sniffing to do.

Anyone else doing the same?
Do you have more details on what you bought? What kind of EV truck?

I think series hybrid setups are absolutely the best way to move a heavy truck. I always figured the cost and complexity is what has been holding them back.

I've watched a few reviews of the light truck offerings like the F150 lightning. So many people complain about how the towing eats all the range and kneecaps the entire idea of owning a truck. I think a simple gas range extender would be a genius offering from Ford. The EV already has impressive power and diesel like torque. Seems like a gas range extender the size of a truckbed toolbox could drop in there pretty easily and require very little integration with the CAN bus for true series hybrid use.
F350-F550 size is what I'll be primarily targeting. Think service trucks for the oil field, or tow trucks. Severe duty stuff meant for commercial use with minimal downtime. Aim is about 1/2 the cost of a new vehicle, but using about 50% or less of the fuel for the same work.

Potentially a simple and reliable CAT 3.6 or 4.4 diesel engine driving a generator as the default, charging a LFP battery pack, to motor controller / inverters powering one-ton e-axle(s). No prop-shafts. Max power depending on the axle selected will probably be around 470hp / 11,000 lb-ft per axle. Two or four wheel drive.

Of course if someone wanted a mega truck just to drive around mostly in EV mode, but with unlimited range even when pulling a heavy trainer, that's fine too. You can put a 1 ton axle under almost any full size pickup. The power source of course could be something other than diesel as well, such as CNG or gasoline, anything with a purpose built optimized single speed engine to turn the generator. Sizing to the use case, the more they sit idle the smaller the engine can be.
I own an original HMMV, long story, and nope, have not even been in the same state as it in like 10 years, but own it I do and it lives in Alabama with an old friend of mine. He loves it and I will own it at least until he passes on to the green lands because he can't afford it, and I can't afford to see him lose a thing he loves.

I was *SO* tempted to drop a large chunk of money on it and have it EV converted, so I could drive around NorCal in the commuter lanes with an EV sticker....

Fortunately, or unfortunately, sanity gripped me at an odd moment and I never did it.