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I bought a used Chevy Volt - and you probably should too!

Hmm, without actually seeing it not a lot I can offer. I will say I have successfully modified a couple dozen cars over the years for various reasons.

reason 1) Ford and the crap anti-theft system that is better at defeating owners than thieves. General answer besides ripping it out and putting in a jump kit, manually wiring the chip to the antenna in the ring will allow you to use a replacement key that at least makes people work a little to steal your ride, and won't leave you dangling in a parking lot.

Reason 2) while I was in the Army I had a side gig doing repo's, a lot of the cars lived on the lot for a long time til banks/etc came to get them, our yard was teensy, so I ended up rigging cars to be startable and moveable without needing to be hooked up and dragged. Turns out that when you bypass the anti-theft system in a mercedes, when mercedes see's how you do it they REALLy want to find out how you did it...

Generally if the stock one sucks, you can find enough wiggle room to resolve it, often you can bypass the controller portion of the key and use it as a column lock, and wire in your own push to start...

Just a few idle thoughts, let me know if there is anything else I can ponder on...
I think buying an abandonware car today would be a bad idea. I'd much rather have a recent generation Prius ( ~200 HP ) instead!