Hello friends I have an apt 72400 controller I need some help to pair it with my motor which is a ymmotor 3kw 28 pole pair hub


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Sep 17, 2022
Buenas amigos tengo un controlador apt 72400 new y no puedo o no e encontrado la forma de.emparejarlo con mi motor (yumamotor 3kw)y no se emparejan porfavor ke tipo de configuracion debo hacer y porfavor nesesito alguien ke tenga un link para descargar el software completo y sin errores de mi controlador les adjunto algunas imajenes para ver si me pueden alludar


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Buenas amigos recientemente compre un controlador apt72400 y estoy teniendo problemas para.emparejarlo con mi motor yumamotor 3kw no se emparejan porfavor nesesito ke me alluden o me den algun recomendacion para poder emparejarlos y si es posible me den alguna pag o link para descargar el software completo y sin errores para poder configurar el controlador les suvo algunas imajenes para ke ver si me pueden alludar


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Porfavor nesesito alluda cintrolador apt72400 y motor de cubo yumamotor 3kw no se me emparejan porfavor alludenme y si pudieran darme un link de descarga para el software porfavor estaria agradecido
Buenas amigos recientemente compre un controlador apt 72400 y e tenido problemas con su emparejamiento con mi motor(yumamotor 3kw) y dado ke vivo en cuba me es extremadamente dificil conseguir el software de mi controlador le he escrito a los probedores en imnumerables ocaciones pero no obtengo respuestas por favor si alguien tuviese algun link para descargarlo o ke lo suva aki al forum estaria agradecido
Hello friends, I have problems with my controller which I bought recently in Aliexpres in the ev DriveManager software which the seller sent me, the controller gives me an error, I know it could be in the motor, which is a ymmotor 3kw 28 pairs of poles or in the accelerator and tried to change the type of sensor in the software but the problem persists but I realized that neither the motor nor the accelerator have problems since I tried them with another controller and they are in perfect condition my question is: is there a way to correct that error inside the ev DriveManager software for the apt driver or simply the driver is not compatible with the motor
Hola amigos tengo problemas con mi controlador el cual compre hace poco en aliexpres en el software ev DriveManager el cual me envió el vendedor el controlador me da error hall se ke puede ser en el motor el cual es un ymmotor 3kw 28 parws de polos o en el acelerador e intentado cambiar el tipo de sensor en el software pero el problema persiste pero me di cuenta ke ni el motor ni el acelerador tienen problemas dado ke los probé con otro controlador y están en perfecto estado mi pregunta es :existe alguna manera de corregir ese error dentro del software ev DriveManager para el controlador apt o simplemente no son compatibles el controlador con el motor
A couple of things to check are the throttle/accelerator wiring order, between the controller connector and the throttle connector. The wiring order is not standard, so the new controller could have the wires arranged in a different order (the colors are usually red (5v), black (Gnd), then some other color for the signal wire (blue, green, etc.).

The other thing to check, assuming the motor is sensored, is the wiring order of both the phase wires and hall sensor wires. The order is also not standard and may need to be manually changed/swapped, or if the controller has an auto learning function, running the learning function would set the correct order. There are many combinations, so using something like the flow diagram in this post reduces the number of combinations to try:
Do you know what error code you are getting?

I got my AE 1705 72400 controllers second hand without any documentation and discovered most of the wiring diagrams online don't match up with the controller. This is the one that worked for me:
Although unlikely for you, the challenge I ran into was the 20pin connector inside the controller itself was put in backwards. After flipping it back around, just connecting the key wire, hall sensor, and throttle got it to work with my 3kw Yuma Motor.
Hello friends, recently I bought an apt 72400 controller and I presented a problem So when pairing it with my motor, which is a 3kw 24 pole pair ymmotor hub motor, in the ev DriveManager program provided by the seller, I present a hall error that does not allow me to proceed with its configuration. My question is if there is someone here in the forum that has experience with this type of controller and what could be the solution to my problem I attach photos


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