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Hi! I am new. There is a small problem with the ...


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Oct 29, 2022
The thread...
FORUM RULES -What are the posting guidelines at this forum?
linked below

has a link to a wiki
which is 404

So I cannot complete the reading to do a first post.

Please Advise.
Hi and welcome to ES.

Don't sweat it, just post about whatever your issue is, people are here to help.

There are some things that people do here which can be pretty annoying, like reposting the same topic in multiple categories or making a new topic for every question they have about a subject instead of just posting them in their thread where people are already responding.

I'm sure there's a bunch more... :confused:
Thanks for pointing out the wiki link issue. It's been down for a long while but we forgot to note that there--I fixed it and added a note that points out the Sticky Index threads at the top of many of the subforums, each of which contains links to useful threads and other informaiton sources. :)