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icharger failures, detail how your icharger failed

heres a pic to show charger is working as good as new, charging 28v pack ( 24v nom) at 2amps, I normally charge at 1amp its 24v 15ahr pack, cannot detect any heat in mosfets by hand at 2amp.
Will do some other tests as need arises later.
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Hello All. Could you please help me to repair my icharger 3010B.
Yesterday i used it for charging li-ion batteries. When i tried to measure internal resistance of li-ion cells charger shows string containing rectangles of display units and stopped working. Turning off and on does nothing.
I tried to refresh its firmware. After flashing it starts to working but after few seconds it starts beeping and there is a message on the screen "INPUT VOL ERR OVER VOLTAGE". This error messages means that input voltage is over than 38V as i can read in user manual. But i tried two different sources. Power supply with 15 V and PB battery with 12V.
Looks like some of transistor keys was damaged or maybe micro controller port was burned.
What should i try to check to recognize if the micro controller is OK or not?
Thanks a lot.
I would open it up and have a good look around, and smell if any components are blown. Sometimes you can find the culprit by smell and visual inspection. Thats a good place to start, I always hope its just a mosfet has blown.
for blitzkrieg
nice video of icharger 3010b repair mosfet, might be useful
this thread at bottom, guy has replicated your issue of squares in screen
My iCharger X12 started playing up a couple of months ago - consistently failing to balance string #8 however long I waited.

Opening it up I found that the 8th (J42cg) FET had blown open-circuit. Not having any replacement transistors, I tried a temporary repair by desoldering #8 and replacing it with #12 but must have messed it up as now when I connect a pack strings #6 and #7 are missing with "connection error".

I've ordered 20x J42cg transistors from China and will replace #6 and #7 (more carefully this time) and hope that fixes it.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
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Hello everybody,
I need some help with my 208B. One component is burned out in STORAGE cycle, 2x4S batteries and 1.5A rate. Could somebody let me know what element is this? Type, number, etc? I cannot see it on the pictures posted here. Thank you in advance.


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