I'm sick of Sabvotons and want to switch to Fardriver. Looking for opinions.


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Mar 31, 2022
I'm sick and tired of Sabvoton SVMC72150 and 72200 controllers, I had them catch on fire, FETs shorting with less than 50% rated power, MCUs dying for no reason and so on. I went thru 8 or 9 Sabvotons and want to try something else. Only things I'm looking for is 72v and for it to be able to output atleast 550 phase amps. Fardriver ND72680 caught my eye, it's $150 cheaper than a SVMC72200, it can output almost double the DC current, has 130A higher protective phase current and it's smaller in size and weighs less than a SVMC72200, it almost sounds too good to be true as on paper it's cheaper and better than a Sabvoton in every way.

I'm wondering if there's a reason why it's cheaper when on paper it it looks superior than a Sabvoton SVMC72200? Only negatives that I noticed so far is when I was trying to figure out what display can be used with the ND72680 by looking at the diagram, half of it makes no sense (atleast to me) and I still don't know if I can use ONE-LIN displays with it. Wondering if anyone has experience with the Fardriver controllers or maybe with both Fardriver and Sabvoton and can provide some feedback. Thanks

dominik h

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Jul 24, 2021
I to kiiled two Sabvotons a SVMC72260 and an SVMC72150, both died because of overvoltage created with weakening field and no load situation, where the wheel makes more than 50% more speed than on the road, the fets or the control board die immediatly during this overvoltage situation.
The other SVMC72150 is running at 175Adc and full phase current now since 10000km in my 180kg scooter, without any issue. Setting up the sabvoton took 5 minutes.

I have a Fardriver ND96850 and an ND72680 but have only tested them on the workbench., both are running with no load.
The software from the Fardriver is much more complicated than from the sabvoton.
It took me 3 months and three 2 hour online sessions with Siacosys to get the right firmware and the right voltage settings on the ND96850.

If I where shure they would work directly in my scooter I had already changed one of them against my sabvoton. But as the scooter is my daily driver, I fear of touching (changing) the good running system.