Info: CYC X1 Pro Gen II Fixed!

Mar 26, 2022
Greetings - first post!

Possibly this may help others

My young assistant upgraded his 6-year old Trek Marlin 5 with a CYC X1 Pro Gen II kit along with a ASI 2000 controller and 72V 20 AH power.

He worked on it for 5 months over winter and was anxious to try it out.

Right off the bat, Error 24H - Hall Sensor. As per the manual, we updated to sensorless in the App and the bike responded, but without PAS.

No worries, he was excited and put 30 miles on the bike. Then Error 22H - Throttle Voltage too high with a bike that was dead in the water.

An email to CYC Customer Service and a few days later a suggestion to check if we swapped the torque sensor and motor hall. Sure enough - oops.

Plugged it in and worked like a champ! PAS was like bionic and all throttle hit over 40 mph!

Neat product!