iPhone App Programming CYC X1 Stealth Gen 2 (BAC855) with Eggrider V2


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Sep 26, 2022
Posting this to help others since both CYC and Eggrider’s responses to my pleas for help were “…Sorry, but we are not familiar with the other’s product…” and I wasn’t able to find much instruction online either. Keep in mind that I used to own a Bafang BBSHD that I programmed before getting an Eggrider V1 and just loved the mini display. I also loved the stock CYC 500C display but preferred the smaller footprint of the Eggrider V2.

First off, you need to make sure the Eggrider V2 is compatible with your X1 and should be the Lishui version. Otherwise, you risk burning out your display. Then, you need to download the CYC and Eggrider apps. NOTE: Shop info, invoice info, passwords are required to activate both apps on your smart device and make sure Bluetooth is on. Next, the Eggrider specific .xml file has to be downloaded to your smart device in order to upload it via the CYC app from “local cache.” NOTE: You will need the 500C specific .xml file to upload back if you wish to switch back to the 500C display. These files can be obtained from CYC’s technical support.

Once the file is uploaded, I would suggest making your settings on the CYC app, first. The main thing point here is to make sure the “Display Protocol” in “Peripherals” is set to “disable.” Make sure any setting fields changed is followed by hitting the return key or the value won’t change. After all your settings are done, use the downward arrow to flash the controller with the new settings. You should see “Successfully Flashed” appear once completed.

Next, open the Eggrider app. Go to the “Display Settings” and make any changes ONLY to the “Display Settings.” This is where the “Protocol” needs to be changed to “ASI.” When you are satisfied with your display settings, select the Write” key at the bottom. This will only program the Eggrider’s display interaction (not actual controller settings) with the BAC855. Now, go to the “ASI Settings” and select the “Read” key at the bottom and take a screenshot for future reference. Once you have the screenshot, changes to the Throttle and Pedal Assist “Rated Power” can be made. So far, I’ve found best results if you are drastically limiting the “OnRoad” setting by leaving “Field Weakening” as is and making both “Current Limit” values 100% and making both “Phase Current” values to 80A. Once your “ASI Settings” are set, then tap on the top part of your screen to allow the “Read” and “Write” keys to appear at the bottom of your screen. Select the “Write” key and this will program your settings into the BAC855. The same can be done with the “Power Settings,” but it seems to work good as is.

If you go back into the CYC app, don’t freak out to see the “Power Level,” “Wheel Diameter,” and “Max Current” with settings you didn’t select. The Eggrider actually controls these specifc settings and no longer the CYC app. This is the reason, I’m giving specific instructions on which app to access, first. The Eggrider has programming priority for the limited fields it lets you adjust while the CYC app is used for all the other settings. Hope this helps!