Issue using M99 Pro with M99 TL2 Pro on Bafang Ultra


10 mW
Dec 2, 2020
Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my lights to a M99 Pro ( and M99 Taillight 2 Pro (
My bike is a Frey AM1000EX, using a Bafang Ultra.
I wired the lights directly to the motor (used only + and - cables), which means the lights turns ON automatically with the ebike battery connected, and turns OFF when you disconnect the battery or wait 4-5 minutes (using the motion sensor).
The front light works ok, but I have an issue with the taillight.
I wired it to the front light using the Supernova Y cable ( and following the manual:
I also have the brakes connected (

Now, here is what should happen with the M99 TL2 Pro according to what I saw online:
- The ring should be always ON
- The central leds should turn ON when using the brakes

And here is what happens:
- The ring is ON when using the brakes
- The central leds are never turning ON

I checked the wiring multiple times and it is not a very complex one, so I am wondering if somebody else did the same and what is the result.
Because knowing if it is a faulty device or if I did something wrong would greatly help me.

Thank you.
Supernova confirmed that in some cases taillights can be incorrectly wired internally.
And the behavior if white and brown cables are inverted is the same I am experiencing.
So I will invert them (wire brown to red and white to blue), and it should work.
I tested and it works perfectly now. I just had to invert the wires.
The support from supernova is very fast and efficient :thumb: