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ME1507 Drivetrain for sale (Netherlands)


10 mW
Oct 30, 2014
I currently have a Zero MX with drivetrain fitted, bike is not registered so has only been test driven.
Mileage on all components is only 5-10km
If i have enough interest i will break the bike for parts. Drivetrain details below

ME1507 14.5kW Continuous, 44kW Peak (Fitted with 428 13t AMP sprocket)
Spare motor front plate supplied new plate fitted redrilled to MX bolt pattern, motor has some heatsink fins trimmer to clear frame, minimal.
13t Amp sprocket 428 chain.

Sevcon gen4 Size 6 550A controller
Programmed for me1507 with 3 way switch for power levels programmed.

Sevcon 300W dc/dc included

Professional loom made for drivetrain kit and IXXAT dedicated programming port.
Domino throttle also included
Can be seen running before removing from the bike.

New Price €1250 ono
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Updated listing and price.
Kit available for electric conversion in europe.