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Zero MX 2012 Bike for Sale - Europe - Netherlands


10 mW
Oct 30, 2014
MVIMG_20230418_191621 (Medium).jpg
2012 Zero MX
Kept in storage for 10Yrs with 0 Miles, used only for original motor,inverter and battery.

Fitted all brand new parts except for wheels and swingarm from DSR

DSR wheel fitted 17" rear / 19" Front fitted with new tyres
DSR Rear swingarm modified to fit MX frame.
Brand new Zero FXS front forks and triple clamps fitted to MX frame
New side stand parts fitted (MX comes with no sidestand).
Zero FXS headlight and mudguard.
Zero FXS Side covers and rear mudguard.
Zero FXS seat (Original seat available)
Custom vinyl graphics
Crash bobbins fitted to pegs/front wheel and rear wheel.
Rear handbrake fitted.
Universal Hand guards fitted
Domino throttle
Professional wiring loom made for motor and inverter, with programming port connector for IXXAT V2 usb programmer.
ME1507 DCT already loaded and runs fine at all 3 power levels.

New Sevcon 80v 300w DC/DC fitted inside frame
1.8kW TC charger fitted inside frame
New Sevcon gen 4 Size 6 fitted on custom alloy bracket.
ME1507 with spare motor plate redrilled to Zero Frame
Chain conversion done with custom sprocket 13t Front - 70t Rear
VTC6A 27S16P battery pack built from new NKON.NL cells. 5.4kWH made from new cells with 27s BMS wired.
made using 3x 0.1 nickel strips to handle full current on each cell with battery welder not soldered or heated.

All 12v electronics wired and fused.
CT-22 Display fitted and wired.
Bike frame not registered. Only test driven and drives as it should, very quick with 3 speed switches.
Zero bikes and parts are rare in europe, most parts where ordered direct from AF1 racing.
Moving house so no space or time for these projects anymore.
grab a bargain and enjoy a very fun and fast bike.
4300 ono, might break for parts if absolutely necessary.


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4300 ONO
Price updated, all parts are brand new fitted to the bike, Excellent donor kit.
e4000 ONO.
Need the space before i start paying for storage of this bike.
really nice bike! too bad it has no plates for the road. Care to share how you managed to get that display hooked up to your sevcon controller?