Meridian Motorized Tricycle Overview

Oct 16, 2020
Been building e-bikes and e-trikes for more than a dozen years, over twenty units. Not in business - DIY, experiment, change things, break a rule or two and learn. Sell on Craigs list.
An acquaintance gave me a 24 inch 36 volt Crystalyte (now out of business) front wheel drive motor and controller because he is a rwd kind of guy. Didn’t know what to do with it because 26 inch rear drive wheels seemed to be the best way to go for build it yourself.

Then one day a “garage find” Gomier 24 inch tricycle for $150.
Gomier in Truck.JPG

Never had a trike before, Installed the 24 inch motor, controller and batteries. Kind of fun after steering skills are learned. Great shopper.
Tricycle Michael 01.jpg
24 inch is too small for Tricycle Michael (6 ft).

Sold the Gomier, stumbled onto a Meridian 26 inch, bought one on the web, also, a 26 inch front wheel drive kit, four 12v lead batteries (32 lbs) that fit perfectly in a Craftsman tool bag. Controller is on the frame seat tube.
26 inch trike 003.JPG
Overall a nice unit, alloy frame, great steel fork with a nicely dished drop out cup, lawyer lips - perfect for a motor. The original build now has over 12,000 miles. Top speed 24 mph good acceleration to 20 mph. Updated to a Shimano three speed with coaster brake and 52 volt Li-Ion battery.
Trike with Trailer 001.JPG
Check it out, U-Turn on a bike path with trailer! Go to youtube and search for: "Electric Trike and Trailer U Turn" it's only 26 seconds :)

FWIW the truck is a Toyota Tacoma "TRE" Tricycle Range Extender. Get it?

Final point, the rear wheels on a Meridian are a problem. Also, the rear axle is prone to difficulties. I have found a solution to both and will soon post my fixes on ES "EBike Troubleshooting."