Molicel P42A or Samsung 40T3

Aug 7, 2022
Hello, I need to build a battery and I can't decide. The battery for the controller will be 84V 330A (23S), so it must handle 330A at its peak.
1. Molicel p42A, configuration 23s10p (84V 42Ah), at peak I need 33A per cell from 45A.
2. New Samsung 40T3, configuration 23s12p (84V 48Ah), at peak I need 27.5A per cell from 35A.

The temperature looks the same if I compare the molicel 10p and the samsung 12p.

Which battery will be more suitable? Which one has a better lifespan? Thank you!

datasheet samsung 40T3
samsung 40T3
molicel p42A