my new (to me) ebike, ready to modify!

went to a different store, this time i rode right in, thru the automatic doors. parked it in the foyer where i could see it while shopping. didnt bother to lock it. hung 1 bag on each seat post. round trip took 16 minutes! this i like 8)
employees didnt see it, and hopefully wont say anything when they do. plenty of room in foyer for bike and carts.
went to Publix, instead of using the far away bike rack, i parked a few feet from the door on the sidewalk. locked the wheel. it still has the sla, so at 82# it would be hard to drag away :lol:
so there was enough room in the "trunk" i fit 2 half gallons of ice cream and eggs, next to the battery.
hung fresh corn from the seat posts.
and to my surprise the city patched 3 bumpy sections on the bike path!.
took 9 minutes to get there, 10 min in the store and 10 to get home.
Will do this more often! oh, and a lady in a car there said she liked my bike! and my neighbor said she liked the trunk, since she has complained she can't carry much home on her bike.
before this ride, i rotated the throttle so full speed requires no wrist twist, the lever is now in the perfect cruise position. Impossible to get a tired hand, in fact, cruising along i wasn't even aware that i was controlling the throttle. Yet when i saw a bump and wanted to slow, i instantly backed off without any thinking.
i'd say it is a very good value, considering a 500w rear hub motor kit on ebay is around $250, and the whole bike was 399 delivered.
engineered as an ebike, the frame has a LIFETIME warranty.
the seat looks BIG in the pic, but it nearly disappears when i'm riding on it. It is stealth, people ask me if it is electric. no triangle battery, no saddle bags, no front motor. i get compliments, which surprises me a lot. I thought i'd disappear compared to a corvette, but, that is not the case!
So here are the disadvantages:
only 1 pedal speed, pedals are to comply with the law.
small frame, knees can hit handlebar if it isn't set up just right,
stiff locked solid front fork (rear suspension works great)
cheap 40 psi tires.
heavy SLA 3x10ah, will go dewalt/makita when they get weak.
sturdy mc stand is not as easy to use as a kickstand.
only goes 13.5-14 mph, perfect for me, but slow for you.


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It has auto-shut off! That is a feature all ebikes should have. Twice I got lazy shopping and did not shut it off.
After a few minutes it shuts itself off! (green light out, had to press ON to leave)
Brought home 17 lbs groceries today. Didn't even use handlebars for anything. Plastic bags hang on rear seat posts. Great stealth cargo bike too. To bad they market it to just kids. :roll: They need an adult model with a nice padded seat.
on sale for $304 free ship! walmart.
mine still works fine on orig sla's! went to store today. parked outside locked to rack.
great bargain, despite solid front shock.
I just order one for each of my kids for Christmas. What a deal!

Let me know if you have any ideas for upgrades.

Building 18650 battery packs will be first on the list.

Next search for 20" forks
Kids may get bored at the 13mph, so going to a higher v will be more fun. 48v is about 17mph.
A guy did that with the stock controller, and it worked fine, he said.
That's great news. I have two 48v BMS' on the way from luna cycle. Was going to experiment with the stock controller and upgrade if necessary.

Also looking at these forks in the 24" version;,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_1

I may wait till I can measure the geometry first to see if it will effect the fork angle to much.

My boys are 8 and 9 y/o, so I hope the seat height won't be to much for them.
i'd let the kids enjoy it as is. the bumpy fork will increase the sensation of speed. I bet they don't even complain about it.
The hyper bikes arrived yesterday.
Overall I am very impressed with the quality for the price.
The pedal are not usable, but no big deal.
My biggest disappointment is that the fork does not seem to be the standard 1 1/8 stem...which makes a fork upgrade a pita.
Took it for a spin. With my 220lbs, it does seem very slow....maybe 10mph or so.

Also it's annoying that you can't use the throttle, without first pedaling first.

Will leave it stock so the kids have a working bike on Christmas morning...but I'm thinking 48v 18650 pack...controller that will bypass the pedal lockout...and see what this supposedly 250w motor can really do.

Won't bother upgrading front and rear suspension till I can get some power out of this thing. Currently I think my kids can out pedal this thing on their on their regular mtb's
250w? mine says 500w.
that could explain the new low price! and lack of power.
You're right, there is a 500w sticker on the motor.

I think the controller might be the limiting factor. Without doing any testing, I think there is probably 15amp or less going to the motor.

36v x 15amp = 540w.

With the 48v pack. 48 x 15 = 720w

That's assuming the controller is letting that much amps go through. with a relativity cheap 20amp controller. 48v x 20a = 960w....with 12v extra volt of speed...and get rid of the pedal start
i did some tests before, amps:
MAX 17.6 amps
windy or slight hill 8a
level, no wind 4-6a
very slow 2.5a
crawl 1.3a (get home nearly dead)
good father/son project: new battery, controller, etc, and have fun. very strong frame; they won't break it.
at 140# i'm happy with the stock power.
I haven't dug into the motor/controller yet....does this motor have hall sensors?
Update to my two hyper bikes.

#1 for my 8 y/o. Replaced the battery pack with 13s5p 18650 pack. Significant weight reduction...over double the Watt/hour. Speed and torque notably increased.
My only complaint for this bike is my inability to disable the pedal start mode. It makes for a dangerous situation for the kids...they can't get started on a steep hill, resulting in tip-overs.

#2 for my 9 y/o. Replaced the battery pack with 13s5p 18650 pack. 48v controller 40amp with display. This took care of the pedal start problem. Huge speed and torque gains. I can get it to 30mph easy, and my light weight son can hit 35 mph.

With these improvements I still have less than $600 invested in each bike. Kids absolutely love them.

FYI. both my kids ride and race motocross (65 and 85 class)...just in case there is someone thinking I'm giving them to much power.....
wow! 30-35mph on 13s! what controller did you buy? easy to hook up? cost?
i have an idea to defeat the pas, try a pushbutton switch on the handlebar, wired across the hall sensor. a couple of quick pushes and it should turn on without having to pedal.
Thanks Matt,

I ended up ordering an identical controller and display for the other bike. Even if I could successfully solve the pedal start issue, the difference in speed is so great the younger one gets left behind.

Here's the links to the combo.

I had to solder a few connectors from the old controller onto the new one. other than that it's a quick job. Total $98 shipped....well worth it!
any update on the bikes? kids still riding? motors burn out?
so after 3+ years i finally took out the SLA's and put in 2 dewalt tool packs 4ahx20v.
just added a little 1s4p boost pack, with a in/out switch.
Bike feels really light now, with 24# less weight to haul around.
Also put 2 hooks on the handlebar so i can carry 4 bags easily, 2 front, 2 rear. Took a turkey home on the hooks, and the handling was still very good.
I like parking at Publix a few steps from the door, in the shade.
I see battery costs are coming down. 3 yrs ago i got a great sale Dewalt 4ah 2/98,
now on ebay for 2/58 free ship!
In a few years i plan to get 2170 cells, maybe from a junked Tesla model 3.
I think my toys may have influenced my neighbors. 1 now has a LEV legal golf cart, and another has pre-ordered a tesla model 3.
I've been reading about the chevy Volt. maybe in a few years i'll get a cheap one, and put a boost pack in it.
Brought home 25 pounds of fruits and veggies. Had 5# on the handlebars and that impaired handling, but it was fun to carry that much stuff on a small kids bike.
All was on sale, total only $11.02
20 on the back only made it weigh like with the SLA's.
Eating healthy does not cost much, when i grab a sale :D
Ebike went DEAD! :roll:
had to pedal home.
Made a growling noise before it died. Then at my driveway it came back on 8)
rode in, died again :cry:
i guess it is the controller. ordered 2 on ebay, $12 and $17. Both claim to work on 36 or 48v.
I've read brushless can be hard to wire. wish me luck :|
Matt Gruber said:
i guess it is the controller. ordered 2 on ebay, $12 and $17. Both claim to work on 36 or 48v.
I've read brushless can be hard to wire. wish me luck :|

We can help!

or at least pretend to.
Hi fechter!
Didn't you write detailed instructions some time ago? Have a link?
I can't really remember.

Anyway, if it stops and comes back on later, it sounds like maybe a loose connection somewhere. Possibly inside the controller.

Many times if you take the controller apart and closely examine the board, the problem will be obvious. If the other option is to replace it, there is little risk in taking it apart. Those things are pretty inexpensive these days, so just going for a replacement might be not a bad plan.
you did inspire me to take it apart. you know i like fixing things.
i do see 1 pin that sticks thru the pcb without any visible solder :roll:
so i'll have to solder it and see if it helps.
it has 3, 470uf caps with a symbol of a bike, so it must be top quality :lol:
edit- with 10X magnifier i do see solder :eek: