Need a heavy duty torque arm for front fork

Jun 13, 2023
Chula Vista

I am in need of a heavy duty torque arm or dual torque arms for my 1200 watt direct drive setup please let me know if you have any ideas. I am running a steel fork.

You might check out The Torque Arm Picture Thread for many DIY ideas. There are also posts about torque plates, clamping / pinching dropouts, etc., in many threads over the years. John in CR posted pics of a set of those he made and welded to tubes that slip over the fork stanchions (after removing the original fork dropouts); I believe he then clamped and epoxied the tubes in place to the stanchions.

If you want a premade one that would probably work, check out 's new torque arm varieties. One on each axle end might work, if your fork design allows it.

Keep in mind that if it's a suspension fork, "jamming" or "sticking" of the suspension action during acceleration and braking is common. If it's a lightweight fork (magnesium, carbon, etc) the materials may not be able to handle the repeated stresses of those, and could snap off without warning while riding. This can happen at the steerer/crown interface, or anywhere between that point and the axle.
My latest 2500W (electrical) front drive bike uses a Grin V2 torque arm that I careful filed for the 10x16mm axle. I haven't put lots of hundreds of miles on it yet, but I've done some hundreds of miles. So far so good.

QS212-35H with 60A KT controller running at 44V nominal, if you were curious.
I ended up going with surley trucket fork very happy so far.

Would you mind telling me what torque arms you used on that sunlite fat tire fork?
Would you mind telling me what torque arms you used on that sunlite fat tire fork?

Grin V2 torque arm, carefully filed to fit the 16mm axle.

Do you think the sunlite cruiser fork will work for my other Ebikeling 1200 watt motor in front? I am pretty sure 135mm is too wide?
Front hub motors are usually 100mm. The one I'm using is a rear motor (oddly set up for a 3 speed freewheel) that I'm using as a front wheel by putting it in a fat bike fork.

I can't really recommend the Sunlite fat bike fork because there's something weird about the disc tab that makes it very difficult to align the caliper. I'll probably wind up making a custom IS style caliper bracket, because all the normal ones I've tried don't work right.

So far, I'm very happy with both the QS212 35H motor and the 60A KT controller. The fork, well... it'll do I guess.