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News of the Weird

That's what ya get for flushin' upwards of 2 gallons of precious drinking water down the crapper every time ya pee... for the last 100 years...

What goes around... comes around.
No more humor, those signs are too funny.
Laughter could cause an accident, I mean it is possible to die from laughing.
That's too bad as the humorous messages are the ones that are most effective!
Are you sure that you're not thinking about commercials and marketing? Or am I misunderstanding the headline, and they're talking about any signs -- not just Department of Transportation ones?
I wonder if they've tried looking at satellite imagery from around the time of the event? Everything is on camera, pretty much everywhere, at one resolution or another, especially within the USA.
I seen it
Forty Thousand Hours of Violent (?) FEDSurextion Video productions for world viewing.
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
Reaction since the arrest of reporter Steve Baker was a significant and specific set of videos released since converted from CCTV
Reaction since the arrest of reporter Steve Baker

If you're going to be a reporter and also an insurrectionist against the government, I would expect the FBI to pay more attention to the latter than the former.

Like right wing dingdongs love to say, "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime". Hadn't heard of this dude until today, but now I'm looking forward to seeing him sentenced and jailed.
Dang, bum luck getting your weed stolen by vermin... and then eaten by rats.
Ummm.... How about a few of neutered female cats???
Ummm.... How about a few of neutered female cats???
I'm very fond of cats, so of course I wouldn't wish them to be anywhere near cops on a regular basis.

That is, unless they were Bengal tigers, and the cops were unarmed, naked, and dusted with catnip.