Non-overclocked Vector Light Build


10 kW
Mar 17, 2014

as the title suggests this will be a somewhat "low" power build but i'll still try to maximize the thermal capacity of the hub motor which would be the QS 205 35H 5T winding

inspired by skeetab's build w/ the funny frame color :lol:

also ordered the Kelly KLS7230S



bottom plate is scratched up. is this normal?


adapter cable has bare wires coming out :roll:




shall be using parts i have lying around:

-Marzocchi drop-off triple 170mm travel
-Rockshox sektor gold 150mm travel
-Marzocchi roco 220mm 300lbs spring
-DNM rcp-2 220mm 550lbs spring

will try 2 wheel size combos:

1) 26" front, 26" rear
2) 24" front, 17" moto rear
Sub'd Need more battery space for that monster controller! Have fun on your build I like this frame and parts list

jszh vs 26f (Medium).png

i'm taking a gamble w/ these cheap (PHP95 or USD1.86 per piece, landed) chinese cells made by JSZH (jiangsu zhihang new energy). i've cycled a cell and got 97.8% after 152 cycles :shock: that's pretty good cycle life!

3A discharge curve compared to samsung 26F

here's the raw data from the cycle test. in retrospect i set the LVC too low at 2.5V :lol: if you look at the discharge curve it begins to fall off the cliff at around 3.2v. but this didn't seem to hurt the cell at all :lol:

JSZH 18650 2600mah TEST!
charging time: 2:06 == 126 mins
rest: 0:05
discharging time: 0:54
rest: 0:05
TOTAL: 190 mins == 3.16~hrs per cycle

1.5a charge, 3.0a discharge, 2.5v cutoff

1 cycle: 2711mah
10: 2704
14: 2681
18: 2726
22: 2710
27: 2690
33: 2685
36: 2690
39: 2688
42: 2702
45: 2696
48: 2701
51: 2693
54: 2678
57: 2665
60: 2700
63: 2666
66: 2677        
69: 2690
72: 26xx
75: 2659
78: 2661
81: 2658
84: 2644
87: 2671
90: 2666
93: 2665
96: 2655
99: 2668
100: 2665
101: 2663
104: 2660
107: 2661
110: 2656
113: 2651
116: 2660
119: 2657
122: 2649
125: 2619
128: 2636
131: 2609
134: 2643
137: 2650
140: 2645
143: 2646
146: 2643
149: 2646
152: 2651

working fine. i'm a kelly noob btw. the pink #7 wire sparks when i connect to B+. apparently that's normal based on the other threads i've read. kelly's wiring diagram also doesn't specify a precharge resistor for the pink wire

speaking of precharge the 1kohm that's included charges way too slowly. i guess xt90-s is OK to use? 17s pack btw, 71.4v max

strange knurling inside the head tube...

IMG_20190718_214732 (Medium).jpg


also strange that Vector decided to use a full 1.5" headtube. forks that use straight 1.5" steerers are quite rare. the "integral" type headtube is simple to machine, lighter, and accepts tapered forks using an appropriate bottom cup
IMG_20190721_153555 (Medium).jpg

geometry seems OK w/ this configuration. 26x2.35" front, 17x2.5" rear. i want as small rear wheel as possible since this is a DD hub. if it looks awkward i will go w/ 24" front wheel and the longer dual-crown Marzocchi to maintain more or less the same geometry (the 24" will drop the axle around 1" but the Marz should compensate by having a longer axle-to-crown)

the spokes are from greentime. slight bend is OK. i'll retension after they bed in

here it is w/ 26" front and 17" rear. IMHO it doesn't look too awkward especially when you consider the benefits of having a small rear wheel in a DD hub (and also the advantages of having a large front wheel)
Nice looking build so far. The wheel diameter difference doesn't look bad at all.

sorry for the lack of updates...
That is a beautiful looking battery pack. What is the max current you plan on drawing from it?
skeetab5780 said:
Ouch! I would have taken a ride to the hardware store :)

hats off to you

haha but i did! they didn't have the exact size. it's a good opportunity to use the tap & die set anyway, these dies (dice?) get rarely used.

finally got it running! the KLS7230 is too big (obviously) for this build :lol: both in terms of amps and physical size :lol: i might a KLS or KBS mini. i like that these controllers can read the KTY-something-something sensor inside the hub to protect the hub from frying. i hit over-temp twice during this short ride

IMG_20190925_103746 (Medium).jpg